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  1. Happy Birthday!! =)

  2. Well, to begin with KMF2 wasnt that big yet in Japan. Yes they are from Johnny's and have a lots of fans..but they are not quite famous yet with the general public. and they have an album to be release the following week (03/28) after the single release, I think this will certainly affecting their single a little bit. Im a fan of KMF2 too...so it be interesting to see who win the "fight". ^^
  3. ^ oh god~ that postcard looks nice <3 my copy of the photobook finally arrived today~ took about 3weeks to arrive XD
  4. Seems like the Korean ver. is cheaper because it didnt contains the DVD.
  5. preorder from CD Japan here: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/detailview.html?KEY=NEOBK-1075356
  6. Merry Christmas~♥

  7. 500k in 29 days!! and they still maintain the 4k sales a day. KARA start the year with a sad news...and ended it with a GREAT achievement!! :gemcheer: now lets aim for 750k~ ^^
  8. OMG! so close to get 500k today!! They definetly will hit it tomorrow. :gemcheer:
  9. I am happy that they sold around 90k for the 2nd week!! hope that their appeareance on FNS tomorrow will boost their sale for the 3rd week. ^^ so, i hope that they can sell around 60k-70k for this week.
  10. Congrats to KARA for #1 on Monthly chart!! Hoping that SG can get #2 on this week chart =]
  11. Hmm...i dont think KARA will be perform for 45mins. I think that the opening show itself will be 45mins, and all the younger performer will perform first (KARA,NYC,Ashida Mana,Suzuki Fuku). 2years ago, they have a special kids stage..and they all perform during the first 45mins. I might be wrong, but korean media tends to exaggerate their news. I'll wait for futher news from NHK, when they release song list. Anyway, thanks for the translation. It will be great if we can see KARA to perform on stage together with Mana-chan.
  12. WOW! Congrats to KARA. Now Im hoping that SG will stay longer in the charts. hoping for them to at least sold around 90K-100K next week. btw CD Japan has restocked SG Ver.A =]
  13. ^ Both first press ver. B and C is sold out at CDJapan. And another great sales day for KARA!! 2nd Day #1 55,486 So that brings to us the total sale for SG now is 128,562