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  1. 12 Nights (2018) from Channel A October 12th - December 28 (Special Preview - 'Before the Night' on October 5th) Official YouTube: Channel A Official Instagram: @channela_12nights Viki (subs): https://www.viki.com/tv/36183c-twelve-nights?locale=en Characters Han Seungyeon as Han Yookyung (Jennifer) Shin Hyunsoo as Cha Hyunoh Jang Hyunsung as Baekman Ye Soojung as Iri
  2. Girl group Kara's Han Seungyeon is now at the hospital despite the foreign promotional events due to acute anemia. According to Kara's company DSP Media on the 9th, Han Seungyeon suffered from headache and dizziness and with anemia symptoms; she has been hospitalized since the 7th in a hospital in Kangnam. On the 8th, Kara was supposed to visit Singapore for their perfume 'K5J' promotion but due to Seungyeon's sudden hospitalization, only four other members will be attending the event. Recently, Seungyeon has expressed headaches and with upcoming departure to Singapore, she told the company that her headache was getting worse and thus got treated. However, her headache continued getting worse and she had to be hospitalized and cancel all her schedules. Now she is taking a rest. Through her company Han Seungyeon said, "I'm really sorry to the international fans that I didn't get to keep my promise and I tried to go along with my schedule by going to the hospital to get treated but it didn't work according to the way I wanted it to and I'm very sad. I will try my best to be healthy again and get the appropriate rest and treatments." On the other hand, Kara will come back to Korea on the 11th after finishing their signature perfume promotions in Singapore. They will for now concentrate on individual activities. http://news.nate.com/view/20120709n02861 translated by me Hope Seungyeon bb gets better soon ;_;
  3. Original news: http://news.nate.com/view/20120705n34335 Kara won the lawsuit against an ad comapny. Eastern Seoul 11th civil case division went through a lawsuit when a clothing company sued Kara's entertainment company DSP media for the damage made due to Kara's separation issues on July 5th. The court favored with Kara's side saying that "Because celebrities had conflicts with their compapny and contracts, it doesn't confirm that it affected the celebrity's image" and "It is hard to judge that the clothing company and its reputation was harmed because of Kara" Before, clothing company brand ASK had a modeling contract with Kara last year from Feburary to July, which was worth 200,000 dollars. But after a while, member Han Seungyeon as well as 4 others claimed they wanted issues with their entertainment company resolved and told the clothing company they wanted to end the contract. With that news, the clothing company sued DSP media, saying that they lost about 400,000 dollars that included filming fees. translated by me
  4. http://news.nate.com/view/20120118n08831 8 Male and Female stars talked about their desire for dating. Kara's Han Seungyeon, Afterschool Lizzy, Sistar Hyorin, Secret Han Sunhwa, Super Junior Sungmin, MBLAQ Lee Joon, comedian Park Heesoon, Actor Lee Taesung,who starred in MBC lunar year special show 'doogeun doogeun heuldeul ryeo' expressed honestly their desire of dating that they have been hiding. Kara's Han Seungyeon cutely threatened, "I'm going to date this year. If I don't I will change"and Afterschool Lizzy said "My love cells are all going to die because I can never date". MBLAQ's Lee Joon said, "I am a man who people get bored of easily. So I have been dumped many times" and Sungmin also complained, "I learned dating through words. It's been a while since I dated.." Before being a couple, 4 female stars and 4 male stars chose their number 1 in their heart (among the guests). Complicated and tangled love triangle line has been revealed so the whole studio was in shock. One female star had 2 male guests that tried to win her love and so she wasn't able to hide the happiness and the surprise and the male guests had some tension (in between them). There was a star who couldn't accept the reality of his/her partner and there were couples who were taking in mind of their real partner's actions. At this complicated relationship, MC Baek Jiyoung, Celebrity panel Jung Hyungdon, Gil, and Horan all were in a chaos and said, "This is a mess" If 'We Got Married' was a show that showed fictional marriage, WGM spin off version 'Doogeun Doogeun Heundeulryu' will show fictional dating. Depending on the reactions, 'Doogeun Doogeun Heundeulryu' could become a regular show, and it will air on the 24th at afternoon 11:05. Translated by me Oh and Seungyeon is rumored to be couples with Taesung. (Joon-Lizzy couple is confirmed and Sungmin-Hyorin couple seems to be true too) That or she's paired up with Park Heesoon lol
  5. Here's few gifs I made
  6. @fantomas haha yeah thanks for pointing that out, I made the corrections Lol, sorry guys $200,000 and $400,000 sounds right. I'm bad at converting korean wons to dollars ;_;
  7. http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109328143 It has brought some attention when the movie director Lee Haeyoung said that Kara's Goo Hara is his ideal type. Director Lee who has worked the scenario and the directing of 'Chunhajangsa Madonna', 'Festival' and such confessed his feelings for Goo Hara when he came out on KBS Cool FM (radio show) 'Hong Jinkyung's 2AM' that aired on the 2nd. Director Lee said, "If I direct another movie next time, I really want to work with Goo Hara" DJ Hong Jinkyung asked, "isn't she too young right now to be the main character" and Director Lee answered "I can write a scenario and can wait for Goo Hara until she turns to the appropriate age", showing his passionate support for Goo Hara. Due to this confession of Director Lee, 'Hong Jinkyung's 2AM''s board has been used a lot and replay file has been uploaded and some attention have been brought to this. translation by me
  8. DSP media, which girl group members Kara and Rainbow are in, are now trying to get their singers to get more involved in acting/film. DSP Entertainment has created a business friendship with King Kong entertainment, which is a company for actors/actresses, such as Kim Suna, Sung yuri, Kim bum ,and Park Minyoung. Recently, idol members acting have been very active and so DSP Media has decided to create a partnership (with King Kong entertainment). And DSP's goal is to get Kara and Rainbow to take part in acting so that it can be their specialty (along with being a singer). From now on, King Kong entertainment will negotiate for DSP media singers so that they can appear on dramas, movies, and etc. http://news.nate.com/view/20111116n03478 translated by me
  9. http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2011121209180606986&outlink=2&SVEC Girl Group Kara will make appearance in the KBS 2TV's 'Immortal Song2' Christmas Special episode. 'Immortal Song2''s PD Ko Minkoo on the 12th told Starnews, "Kara's Han Seungyeon, Nicole, and Kang Jiyoung will come out on the Christmas special, and will perform Mr.2's 'White Winter'. PD Ko said, "To make 'Immortal Song2' stage have more variety, we called for KARA and seeing their practice performance yesterday (11th) it seems like they prepared a very exciting show'. In this 'Immortal Song2' Christmas Special episode, the participants will sing winter songs from the 1980s~1990s and it will air on the 24th. Other than Kara, Dynamic Duo and SSamD (dynamic duo and simonD as one team),Clover, Noeul, Im Taekyung, Son Hoyoung, Lyn, and such will make appearances. *Some people were surprised that it was Ggoljing for Immortal Song2 but turns out it's actually Hamcolejing. The previous article either carried false information or the girls changed their schedules *translated by me *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QapIVG4vUxA I think this is the song the girls will be performing (:
  10. http://news.nate.com/view/20111201n05093?mid=e0102 5 member girl goup Kara will be the opening stage act for the best, special Japanese show 'NHK Kouhaku'. On the 1st, many Japnese media said that on December 31st '62nd NHK Kouhaku' which starts at 7:15 PM will feature Kara for the first time. They mentioned their opening stage as well. SanK Sports said, "Kara, whom member Kang Jiyoung is still under-aged, will be performing with the youngest star to be on 'Kouhaku, baby star Ashida Mana, from 7:15 PM to 8 PM. They will both be guests together for 45 minutes and will set the fun mood through stage performances" and revealed that out of 55 teams, they will perform the opening stage. In Japan, if a celebrity is still a minor, they are prohibited to make appearances on TV after 9PM. SanK Sports said, "Kara's devoted fan Ashida Mana begged during the Guest List Press Conference on November 30th, 'I would like to dance with KARA', and Kara's leader Gyuri who was there replied, 'We want to perform with Ashida Mana too'". Kara and Girls Generation did very well in Japan this year and they both made the guest list for 'Kouhaku' for the first time. They were put in to the red team. TVXQ, who have been on 'Kouhaku' for the 3rd time, including this year, was put in to the white team. translated by me. and sorry about mispelling any of the Japanese names :/
  11. KARA wants to pay back fans' love for them and is making an official online fan club for the first time after their debut. Kara said "Although our promotion in Korea was very short this time, our fans have showed us much love and also they supported us always all these years and we would like to show our appreciation to them by creating an online official fan club" and that "We want to be closer to our fans even more" and expressed their happy feelings. KARA's online official fan club is undergoing through preparations for system design and will wrap up around the end of this month to November. Around that time people will register through the official KARA site. Benefits of joining KARA's online official fan club are: getting to enter first in open broadcast shows, concerts in Korea, fan meetings, etc, and many more benefits. The details of KARA official online club will be posted later on DSP KARA official site. http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=108&aid=0002101585 translated/summarized by me (Oh and just in case if there are any confusions: So right now kara has many different fan sites/fan clubs Daum cafe kamilia Kara t Everkara Kamilin DC Kara gallery Naver cafe Melody (but this one, the staffs had a problem or smthn and doesn't exists anymore) and so on BUT none of them are official. Although Daum Cafe and Kara t are most popular but none of the clubs are official. So now DSP has decided to make an official club This is good because it will combine all kind of fans from different sites most likely and there are some benefits to joining it too.)
  12. Boarding House episode 2 has been updated :) thank you so much for the comments♥

  13. Boarding House episode 2 has been updated :) thank you so much for the comments♥

  14. Merry christmas to you too <3

  15. haha yeah I watched Kara's step on youtube a lotta times by now. It's like us kamilia's job to watch it often:p

  16. I posted the article you requested on newsbox

  17. http://news.nate.com/view/20111207n19994 'Immortal Song 2' will air a 'Christmas Special' for the end of the year days. Recently according to the KBS 2TV 'Immortal Song2' staff members, for the Christmas Special, Kara, Dynamic Duo, Clover, Son Hoyoung, Im Taekyung, Na Yoonkwon, Lyn, etc will appear on the show. For the Christmas Special, these 7 teams will chose and perform a stage that is related to Christmas. No special legend person will appear and they will just chose a 'song that pops in to the mind when it's Christmas'. Especially, Kara who haven't appeared when many idols came out (in Immortal Song 2), will come out so people are paying attention to that. Not all Kara members will come out but some members like Kang Jiyoung, Goo Hara, etc will perform a fun stage. Also, Lyn who came out in the vocalist special, will appear again in 'Immortal Song2' and caused many excitement. 'Immortal Song2' Christmas Special will air on the 24th. translated by me
  18. I think its GgolJing for sure as long as their schedules don't change. and gyulhamcole is a maybe. But I doubt Gyuri will make it since her voice is injured :/
  19. thanks for them pm! I'll read and comment soon~

  20. lmao i like your background pic!!

  21. @(づ◕‿◕)づ' It says 45 minutes on the article, but I'm thinking the media probably exaggerated it @Phaymister I'm not sure how exactly it works but I'm guessing so? @danyunyu yup! she's the girl who gave hammie the present.
  22. 1st episode of Boarding House (SHINra) fanfic has been updated :)

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    omg my finals are in 2 weeks too! gotta get all my grades up.... but that doesnt seem likely lol. hwaiting to both of us!! Lol

  24. anyway how are you doing? seems like your busy!