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  1. Hara ya, I still remember when I first heard the news, some nights after you and the OG5 came to my dream in a sentimental autumn MV, repeating the word 'love' over and again. Since then you've popped up in my mind many more times, as I've read all the news up to the Goo Hara Law and your niece (how your brother's wish for you to be his daughter in your next life came true). Everytime I see the members meet-up and post a photo together, how I'm overwhelmed with saudade, feeling a part of my life is lost forever. However, I know if I never forget about you, you will always live on, at least in my mind, with a face filled to the brim with happiness and strength. May your soul be in peace and joy. As for all who've hurt you, “Don't look back in anger/ I hear you say”.
  2. お誕生日おめでとうございます~!

  3. This is kind of a late reply but from my understanding, some fan worships Gyuri at the family altar along with his / her mother LOLLL
  4. No matter what, I've loved you all along, I'm still loving you, and will love you anyway.
  5. Youngji: Hara: Seungyeon: Gyuri: More photos from C-Kamilia (who went to the event): Prizes from the "Presents Drawn Corner": Apparently a box of chocolates was handed out at the door by KARA themselves? The price may not be friendly for students, but definitely worth going (the quality of everything in general omg)
  6. Highlight~ Gyuri said she learned to deal with interviews by watching other girl groups on shows and answering the questions herself. One of the MCs called her "Miss KARA" as if it's a name xD "I don't have a personal talent..." "As a girl group, the fact that you've made it til now it's a personal talent [as model for hoobaes]." ---Fill In The Blank Section--- Q: Only with permission can we _____ Gy: Wear clothes? MC: What? You don't usually? Do you go like 'please let us wear clothes!'? A: Go to the washroom KARA used to have curfews (stay in dorm after 9PM, usually right after dance practice). Once they had to buy academic supplies (lead for mechanical pencil) so they went to Apgujeong Rodeo fashion Street, but their manager called at around 9:10~15 and asked "Where are you right now?!" in a very scary voice. There was a surprise inspection and they were all left standing as a punishment. Q: Gyuri treats _____ as life itself? Narsha: Mirror, facing the camera and hypnotizing herself, like "Today you're beautiful too. Today you're still the Goddess Gyuri." L: Academic supplies A: High heels. "I don't look short while sitting down, but people would think [with my face] 'That one looks tall' so I have to fulfill their expectations standing up. Entertainers is a career that feeds on expectations, gives you fantasies. So I never wear flats outside." "My waist would hurt but I have to keep doing things on this side of the world for a long time. Because it's my profession, so hurting my waist a little is alright." "Also since I'm an idol, I've never let stylists, friends, dongsaengs, etc seen my body." ---Guess For Premium Beef Section--- Q: What is the code of practice that girl groups adhere to with pride? Gy: Drinking is fine as long as you're not late to practices? A: Maintain your concept on-stage but return to your true self off-stage "[During Mr era] whatever I do on broadcast doesn't matter, but when meeting with friends and they say "Hey, show us the hip dance a bit", it's awkward...So I didn't really go out much." Q: What is the secret to surviving as a long-living group? Gy: Resolving [resentment timely] with words...or don't forcefully occupy their area? Hint: Don't _____ within the members. MC: Shower! Take baths! Gamble! *randomness ensues* A [Narsha]: Compete. There is no need to, it's meaningless and greedy. It's most important to work hard yourself. With this as the aim, there will eventually come better opportunities.
  7. Last one @yuekim~ Translation by J-Kamilia: ”お高くとまってるだなんて、皆さん、騙されないでください ハラグはやんちゃな少年だ” お高くとまれって...それに、私、女子だし...... "Prideful and what not, everyone, please don't be fooled. Hara Goo is a naughty boy" Pride-hara* what...and, me, I'm a girl... *play on word with dodohana Aegyo award - for stealing uncle-fans' hearts Different Color (?) award - for showing an unique charm that can't be seen on stage
  8. Quick translation (Jap to Eng with help of Chi)~ Left to right: Q: Tell us your fashion strategy! A: I like to be easygoing, not deliberate. Basically to have a point with the rest in a simple outfit. I always pay attention to balance out the two. Q: Are there any other outerwear that you want? A: This winter I'd like to try on many coats. Since Korea is colder than Japan, I used to just wear down jackets...But! This year I can enjoy choosing coats to my heart's content, so I'm happy! Q: What style do you like? A: Rather than girly, I prefer to be cool. I rarely put on skirts, but there are times when I'll dress up. Nevertheless, black biker jacket, T-shirt, blue jeans, and scarf is still my way to go.
  9. あけましておめでとうございます~!

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      Happy 2o15 :D


  10. Konnichiwa! Genki desu ka? Heh heh

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      はい、元気です :)


  11. Translation by J-Kamilia: 日本から出発する前の最後の日に下北沢 The last day before departing from Japan at Shimokita
  12. Ooh do you have the link to the video? Oh and more information with this:
  13. Translation by J-Kamilia: 昨日コンサート失敗したセルカ棒... やっと成功ㅠㅠㅠㅠイン The selca stick* that failed during yesterday's concert... finally, success ㅠㅠㅠㅠ right? *a.k.a. monopod Translation by J-Kamilia: レモン・アボカド・カッテージ・チーズ・バーガー + チェダー + スイス・チーズㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 私の大好物 #ベーカーバウンス #ミッドタウン lemon avocado cottage cheese burger + cheddar + swiss chesse ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ My favorite things #Baker Bounce #Tokyo Midtown Translation by J-Kamilia: 見るなり、パンダが好きなうちの姉さんが思い出され...(笑) When I saw this, I remembered an unnie who love pandas...haha Translation by J-Kamilia: 牛肉がすごく食べたかった私は、日本から出国する前に空港で我慢できずに、日本式の焼肉店に行った...とても幸せだった The me who really wanted to eat beef couldn't wait anymore and went to a Japanese BBQ restaurant in the airport before departing from Japan...I was very blissful Translation by J-Kamilia: ラム肉がとても良い.... Lamb meat is very good....