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  1. i knew it. that's why they were never specific if it's 1 or 2 they're going to add. anyway, over it. im just really excited we get to see gyuri, seungyeon and hara again
  2. I have nothing but full admiration for KARA's concept photos for this comeback! >< I cant wait for 26th!!! Can't be a Lady teaser! aaahhhhh
  3. I didnt see it shared so im posting ^^ (HQ/HD) BTW, I just listened to Runaway and actually surprised that there's rap verses cos i was expecting full ballad. But im not disappointed ^^ Looking forward to Secret Love as well!
  4. Thank you for compiling this in one thread, i put it on bookmark and very ready to support our girls 100% in Inkigayo, i heard the tweets count too? Like tagging #KARA or #카라
  5. I wonder.. does the pre-released track 'Runaway' have an MV? Can't Be A Lady looks very promising as well
  6. Thank you for posting it here >< Another refreshing hit for KARA it's really cute and i love outdoor shoots ><
  7. I have never shipped gyuri so hard with anyone EVER. but song jaerim is so cute with his kay character i squeal whenever their characters show development of their feelings to each other ^^
  8. I LIKE THIS I REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS *O* never heard of the actor but they look comfortable, even the stills are not awkward ^^
  9. Of all celebrity friendships, i love 91 line the most! still wondering when will nicole bring hyojun + hyunyoung ^^;
  10. Yes, Mister outfit is very memorable ^^ it's sexy but not that sensually worn. Honey is my fave outfits from them since it's their first sweet girl image^^
  11. Quite surprised about this.. i had no idea they have own copyrights! thanks so much for this ^^
  12. because im not familiar with japanese music scene, i was surprised when kara suddenly went back to cute and bubbly concepts for their japanese comebacks and that really was well loved. i like how they promote differently and adjusts to what market they're catering to. but to be honest, i think they need to step up on korean concepts since even rookies who just debuted have killer concepts already o_o you know it's really getting tough~ but i prefer their japanese promotions since they make more mvs hehehe /simple-minded
  13. OMG SUMMER >//< ooohh what kind of concept will it be this time '~~' im also looking forward to rainbow's part 2 album, a-jax comeback and puretty's debut >< i wonder how dsp will fit all those in the remaining months! fighting my beloved unnis! wooott!
  14. i hope they really do it T~T it'll be like tvxq's vacation or banjun drama eps omg hehe sorry it's just cos i really love that concept and i havent seen something like that from my bias groups (dsp groups) XD
  15. gyuri goddess always slays! go girl! ah gyuri really my idol without a hint of doubt. cant wait to watch the whole cut ^^