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  1. OMG so it was really Somin who was sitting next to Hara near the end of the mv?! My life is complete then
  2. Hara and Somin should have been next to each other lol
  3. Woah what a great piece of news! I think this is the first time for DSP to make a labelmate collaboration album. Kara. Somin. Rainbow. Can't wait~
  4. Hey kamusta? Happy belated birthday Kath! =]

    1. kath_1008


      Oooh~ hi..I've been busy these days because of exam, and you? btw, thanks for your birthday greeting! :))

    2. mitsuki0208


      You're welcome ^^ Have you finished with the exam? I'm still in my semester break for another two weeks.

  5. Do Akashingou = Red Light while Monogatari = Story?
  6. Wow your thought is exactly like mine lol I'm curious about it too tbh. It will be great too if someone can tell how does K-Pop sounds different from J-Pop apart from the language itself.
  7. Not really, there will be another 2 rounds. Always check the first post in this topic for the challenge details and the prizes. Good luck Dolla! The next round participants too, all the best!
  8. What a tragic incident..this news is extremely heartbreaking even to me who doesn't relate to them or a fan of the group. The fact that it happened on Sojung's birthday saddens me much more thinking that she might not celebrate it any longer. My deepest condolences to those who are affected
  9. It's out finally! Thank you for sharing ^^ lol Gyuri's wit never gets old XD seeing more of Youngji, I'm liking her much more
  10. Thank you for sharing the video. The first Gyuri's fanboy is seriously straightforward lol. Edr, when are you going to take Seungyeon away? She had been waiting for too long
  11. Thank you for the clip! It makes me excited for their appearance even more
  12. Yup, OG is Youngji ^^ The 'O' represents 'young' in korean while the 'G' represents 'ji'. So, O + G = youngji My favorite song out of Kara collection is Seungyeon's Guilty. Favorite mv is Gyuri's Daydream and it would be really nice if they can have another solo collection with Youngji