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  1. The songs that are most played in my playlist are "GO GO SUMMER" and "Ima Okuritai Arigatou" hahaha... i like them so much!
  2. Jiyoung!!! She is adorable and the cutest member.... and the important is she is younger than me. hahaha...
  3. I think it is Gyuri. Her body is in a good shape, and good looking. She has a mature face, so she look really hot for me... hahaha
  4. Jiyoung!!! i vote for her since i'm her fans, and she is my favorite member on Kara... hahaha i want to date her!
  5. the members that caught my attention are Hara and Jiyoung... Hara showed on City Hunter drama and i really like her, and JiYoung is my favorite member...
  6. FIrst member i love the most was Hara, because of her drama City Hunter. Her acting was very good and she can made a cute expression. Now, when i know about all member of Kara, i like JiYoung the most but i still love Hara. hahaha..
  7. Cangratulation Sweet HaRa...!! ypur acting was very good in Cuty Hunter drama, i love this film...
  8. oh my god... she was so pretty before debut... until now she is prettier... hahahaha...
  9. awww man... the both my favorite members. Taeyeon and Jiyoung... i love both of the so much
  10. if i could ask anything to KARA member i will ask personally to my favorite member, Jiyoung! 1. Which one better? Live on the earth or in the heaven? 2. Do you have boyfriend? 3. If you don't have any, do you want to go out with me? hahaha
  11. i want to hangout with Jiyoung.... she is cute, beutiful, charming, and she has a sweet smile... it'll be very fun if i can hangout with Jiyoung...
  12. i choose for Jiyoung since i'm her fans... Jiyoung's cuteness is her charm, she is so adorable...
  13. i choose red. because i really like when i see girls with red outfit. Rad means bright, brave, sexy, active, charming... hahaha
  14. i'd like to see them to make Kara Hello Baby! I hope the PD will make this one... this should be great if Kara play mothers role for baby...!
  15. i know it from other site. This site is very famous in my country... when i just want to seeing around the forum i find about kara, then i join the karaholic. kaskus