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  1. Merry Christmas~♥

  2. Merry Christmas~♥

    I hope you celebrate it happily...


  3. Its really sad to read about how much seungyeon and kara as a group has suffered in the past. it feels really bad to be not recognized putting in all the effort to become an idol. however i'm glad that kara had never given up, and had finally pulled through to become who they are now. Thanks for translating the article, and i'm proud to be a kamilia =D
  4. great to hear the news =D i thought they wont be taking up any more activities for now since they gonna go to japan. haha congrats to Gyuri thuogh i'm sure she would do a great job
  5. though it means the international fans may see less of Kara, i'm still glad for them for having the chance to promote in Japan! really hope that they will do great in Japan as well
  6. ah. i really liked their previous dorm, its small cosy, had memories of sunghee and they went through all their hard times there. i'm sure they are sad to leave the dorm too, but still i'm happy of them for getting a new dorm =D hope they get a bigger table that can fit 5 ppl too hahaha
  7. Only from their replies to the questions i can really feel the maturity... I'm so proud of them, how they appreciate fans and everything else they have came to received. Makes mi love them even more. Thanks for translations!
  8. this is real cool =D thanks for everyone who put in the hard work for this. the forum looks REALLY great now. kara for the win =D
  9. lol! didnt noticed that there were so many occasions where she did that. actions of her motherly love. haha
  10. here's an autograph! turn that frown upside down :)

    ~ Arnel Velasco ~

  11. =D =D X (1/0) this is so great hehe i was gonna watch the OSL finals now that Kara is gonna perform theres no reason not to watch it [: anyway is there a translation on the article of flash talking about nicole anywhere? was looking for it
  12. thanks for the news. glad that kara is well receivedl in japan. anticipating their new album, hope that they will promote alot before leaving for japan though
  13. Merry Christmas!!!!