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  1. Its really sad to read about how much seungyeon and kara as a group has suffered in the past. it feels really bad to be not recognized putting in all the effort to become an idol. however i'm glad that kara had never given up, and had finally pulled through to become who they are now. Thanks for translating the article, and i'm proud to be a kamilia =D
  2. great to hear the news =D i thought they wont be taking up any more activities for now since they gonna go to japan. haha congrats to Gyuri thuogh i'm sure she would do a great job
  3. though it means the international fans may see less of Kara, i'm still glad for them for having the chance to promote in Japan! really hope that they will do great in Japan as well
  4. ah. i really liked their previous dorm, its small cosy, had memories of sunghee and they went through all their hard times there. i'm sure they are sad to leave the dorm too, but still i'm happy of them for getting a new dorm =D hope they get a bigger table that can fit 5 ppl too hahaha
  5. Only from their replies to the questions i can really feel the maturity... I'm so proud of them, how they appreciate fans and everything else they have came to received. Makes mi love them even more. Thanks for translations!
  6. this is real cool =D thanks for everyone who put in the hard work for this. the forum looks REALLY great now. kara for the win =D
  7. lol! didnt noticed that there were so many occasions where she did that. actions of her motherly love. haha
  8. =D =D X (1/0) this is so great hehe i was gonna watch the OSL finals now that Kara is gonna perform theres no reason not to watch it [: anyway is there a translation on the article of flash talking about nicole anywhere? was looking for it
  9. thanks for the news. glad that kara is well receivedl in japan. anticipating their new album, hope that they will promote alot before leaving for japan though
  10. yay this year christmas is great with kara around. and i'm sincerely glad that they won an award thiis year its like a groundbreaking year for them. hope 2010 we will have kara by our sides too! i hope they receive more loves from everyone though! kara fighting!
  11. haha its cool how they not jus endorsing for the games but also are in the games itself =D it'll be so cool i'll go around the street telling ppl i have a kara character in a game ahaha
  12. well i'm sure those boars will run towards hara to be taken care by her so i guess she wont have much problem there. and more shows with hara is always good =D
  13. yea i would like to congrats kara for winning the award too, though i didnt catch it streamed online but i feel really happy for them =D they looked gorgeous at the red carpet too. kara fighting
  14. o wow i'll be looking forward to these 8 episodes. hope they can be subbed quickly but i'm sure the sweetmelodix team gonna do this quickly. haha hope the show will be fun!
  15. wow that is such a huge contrast, the CFs counts. i'm happy now though that they are doing so well. i wanna see all those CFs! and i'll be waiting for their come back next year. kara fighting
  16. argh! i thought i will be able to see them soon. Not bad news that they get some quality rest time though, and prepare nicely for a wonderful album next year =D but i hope kamilias will still be active in karaholic especially now that everyone are having a break too from their busy year end activities kara fighting
  17. yea haha i watched this a while earlier today, looking forward to the translations of cut haha anyway i hope the girls wont take his words too hard
  18. yea they sure look good together, sunghee looks really pretty overall, stands out even beside jungmin
  19. I'll really like to watch this but i guess i wont be home tomorrow.. nevertheless i'll be looking for the cuts for this.. i'm really happy for kara to have went pass that period of time, i'm sure there are kamilias which stood by kara's side since the beginning, and had been lending their support until now. And i'm very positive about kara's future! Me for sure will give them my fullest support. Kara fighting=D
  20. it was sort of touching for me as i read the front part of the article, like any other articles that describes how they pulled through the hard times when they weren't as popular as now. but i'm sure that they will only improve and improve for now, and i'm looking forward to their new album! kara fighting
  21. hahaha she was just rebellious i suppose xD going to the extent of wearing wig to disguise herself dun think she would have much time to run out now though, probably spend all her free time resting =D
  22. hahaha her goddess concept =D excited to see the actual broadcast of this show! haha and gyuri she's really confident about herself and thats a good thing =D kara fighting
  23. thanks so much for sharing! really love their version of the song, they sang really well =D kara jjang hope they sing more of these ballads!
  24. ah i'm pretty sure the segment with nicole will be very much missed by the viewers.. still gonna keep supporting though, now that gyuri is on it! i'm sure too she will bring much fun and laughter =D