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  1. Merry Christmas~♥

  2. Merry Christmas~♥

    I hope you celebrate it happily...


  3. Merry Christmas!!!!

  4. haha.. i love discovering these kind of dorky tidbits about these girls.. i keeep on loving them more!!! Kara <3!!
  5. it's like an anime signature move.. Divine Goddess hair flip!! *everyone gets stunned* hahaha... thanks for the wonderful gifs!!
  6. she has a nice hobby.. lol... gyuri definitely has a mature sexiness about her... her face is so pretty!!! thanks for the gifs!!
  7. the best one for me is side bangs with wavy hair.. and then her wavy chestnut hair.. they really make her look like a goddess!!! Kara<3<3<3
  8. oh Hara how can you be cute and sweet then hot and sexy all of a sudden!! *nose bleed*
  9. Hara's hair is so smooth and silky it deserves a CF!!! P.S. nice caps xichigo.. thanks!!
  10. Hara almost won the super girl challenge!! go mighty Hara!! and i was very doubtful about wonder girls' predicting that hara would win... hahaha!!!
  11. aww.. such cute baby pictures!!! cho ding!!!
  12. i want a taste of her cooking!!! i really wonder what "american fried rice" is supposed to be... hahaha.. being the shik shin and being the cook means a lot of tasting while cooking...
  13. aww.. i was 2 days late in discovering that her birthday is Oct 7.... .. happy birthday to you Nicole!!! I wish Kara more success in the future!! Kara <3
  14. thank you for these vids!! i think her english is nice but yeah i hope she practices with nicole so that she could be more confident with it!! SungYeon fighting!!!
  15. aww.. sungyeon is so cute... it's fun watching Kara members doing something different.. haha.. and the outfit makes her look like a princess... choding team ftw!!