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Status Updates posted by sweetcaramelism

  1. omg long time no see KH hhahahah

  2. hi caly still remember me??/ ;~;

  3. ohh i see you're ikamilia already. where's the moderator curbow??? - - hahah. me too~ i just creeping here. suddeny i luv seungyeon that much hahah

  4. ajskhdlkjdsahkajds KARA's STEP IS DAEBAK!! jkhasdkjas!! A+!!! i love strawbery and STEP and ing... and DEAR KAMILIA OMG KAHKJLAFKJFA!!!!!!! how are you jihye? i miss you too~

  5. HAHAHAH!! omg i love seungyeon now adjkjkasdasjkld!!!!!!! ;_______; how are you yuda???? yay thanks im back to here xD

  6. didnt you missed me? HAHAHAHAH

  7. lol thank youu. my name is kim :)

  8. hoi dude hahahah. how are you?? :P post whatt?? post my KARA edits?? HAHAH :D

  9. lol thanks. HAHAH i'm famous there? really? i dont think i'm famous hahahah. i think i'll post my kara edits here :D

  10. damn you so fast rofl

  11. lolol i dont think so... ;_____; but i have yours here HAHA <3

  12. IN-INNNNNNN..... *throw nishikdo ryo* <3

  13. HAHAHA YES WE'RE MATCH OMG LOL <3 as usuall i'm fine. nice to see jihye on here :)) becoz i only have jihye here ;______;

  14. OH MY BB JIHYE HOW ARE YOU????????? <3 *hug*