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  1. She's stunning! She's only 19! She's going to be really popular sooner or later. She fits right in with the rest of KARA I feel.
  2. Day & Night is flawless. There is no song I don't like. I love all of them. Excellent comeback album. Story is beautiful by the way.
  3. I kind of like the Japanese video better. A lot more colorful and better outfits. Song itself is better in Korean though. I might pick up the single that comes with the photobook.
  4. She's cute and capable. I think she's a wonderful addition to KARA. Go Youngji!
  5. That was great! Youngji was great! Very beautiful. I know her presence will definitely grow on me in time. So far, it's a great start. Song-wise, it's awesome! Very funky. Really like the chorus. The dance was pretty fun too. I have to say this comeback has a great start so far. Here's the Japanese version preview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQSv7DIJJtw
  6. Child or woman regardless in image, she's still the prettiest woman I have ever seen. She looks good every time.
  7. Jiyoung... Kang Jiyoung... Not you too I... No, this is too painful! But hey, if it's what she wants then I support her fully... And I fully believe KARA 3 will still be amazing. If anything, it allows Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara to really shine through vocals and dance. I think it'll be a new era for KARA, and it will still be as great as the last, if us Kamillia keep on supporting them. Never give up on the angels!
  8. Nicole, I wish for the best. It's still so hard to believe... And I'll still continue to support KARA4. Sunghee and Nicole now hold special positions as the "seniors", as they had both been with KARA since the beginning. Change is inevitable, but I think we should do our best to support Nicole in her individual endeavours, and the remaining members of KARA as they continue to entertain and charm us.
  9. Heard the news and... I choked up. Time has passed by so quickly. I'll miss you, Nicole
  10. I get where the anger is coming from, but I think it was an inappropriate move on the Kamilia's half as well. Anyway, I'm glad it's resolved.