Your Favourite Song from MOVE AGAIN


Your favourite song from MOVE AGAIN  

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  1. 1. What is your favourite song from the MOVE AGAIN album?

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Honestly I 100% love all the songs in this mini album and I am so so so happy that the girls came back with more than just one song! But if I would have to pick, I'd probably pick Happy Hour! Saw many comments saying that Happy Hour is likely dedicated to Hara and Kamilias because Hara once mentioned her dream is for all six members to have drinks together some day. That made the song so meaningful to me and it really warms my heart knowing that Hara is still a part of this comeback. Before I read the lyrics, just the melody sounded so bittersweet to me and I loved it already but understanding the lyrics just made me so emotional and the song is so heartwarming yet so sad at the same time - exactly how I feel about this comeback!

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Ah, this is so hard to pick as I love all the songs! I wish they release more songs for this mini album & probably release another songs again sometime (yeah, we all wished for that :P )

I haven't read the lyrics translation & meanings, so melody-wise probably I'll pick between "When I Move" and "Shout it Out"

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