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  1. they really look pretty. hopefully we will see them more after this.
  2. awww.. she really is goddess. she look really beautiful.
  3. i don't want gyuri to drop her goddess image. that is one of her charm really. i love her confidence.
  4. Hara is really competitive and strong. i like this side of hers.
  5. thank you so much for sharing all this fanmade videos.
  6. i can't believe this week is the goodbye stage already. i'm gonna miss our cutie maknae youngji. hopefully we will see her more on tv after this. all of them..
  7. i really wish youngji will have new variety show soon. she is fun to watch
  8. youngji latest popeye cf is just to cute. i enjoyed watching her. she make my life complete.. haha
  9. thank you so much for the eng sub link.
  10. i love youngji when she performing on stage.
  11. i love youngji cause she cute humble and funny. I know her because of Roommate.i search about her and Kara after I watch the show. it's hard to resist her charm. she also has a nice figure. I really hope she will have another variety show. she is fun to watch. or variety show with all 4 of them. it's going to be perfect.
  12. wow gyuri look sooo sexy in those pink outfit. perfection.
  13. i'm going to start watching this drama for Gyuri.
  14. she really pretty. perfection. I can't get enough of her..