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  1. Sorry very late to the party...Did Nicole ever released her new solo?
  2. Im catching up with KH news and stuff! How is HARA these days? What is she doing now?
  3. Catching up again KH! I've been MIA! SeungYeon still cute like always boy do i miss KARA!
  4. In a way great news for kamilia but like many mentioned KARA is DSP's name i don't think they can use that name in another agency! But who knows what can happen, and what about YoungJi?
  5. Hmm just found it on youtube! But it doesn't sound like her? Sounds older then her usual bubbly self? Am i missing something here or listening to the right one?
  6. SeungYeon i want you to enjoy your free time now. Still support you and love you! BYE!
  7. Falling behind on my posts. But reading old posts....did Nicole released a new solo?
  8. Shiris its pretty bad (good way) when your addiction has gone to the roof! Thats amazing!
  9. She is super cute and the song is super catchy! Go NICOLE!
  10. I've been MIA in the Nicole thread hope all is well? But looking at some post i am looking forward to listening to her new stuff!
  11. Articles floating around stating the rumors. I will always believe in them and hoping for another year or two with KARA! OMG it saddens me a lot now!
  12. WOW i always look at post 150 above and just stare at her for the longest. I swear SeungYeon eyes will pierce right through you!
  13. Woah in the spoiler tab is that her recently. She still acts the same like she use to in KARA. Still goofy and dorky but very pretty like always!
  14. I thought my buddy was just weird? LOL but oh well his lost. First time i saw Nicole in Step and when she started to smile....Yeah thats why i love Nicole and Seung Yeon too!. And suzyroxy Nicole looks great with long hair again in Step I loved how her hair flows in that MV. But to be honest Nicole in Mr. is a whole other story but looks great in any MV, shows, etc!