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  1. thanks for sharing wow nicole is so friendly everybody likes to call her...she should be on radio shows more often!1
  2. thanks for sharing i really miss her voice glad shes back cant wait to watch all the boras its been awhile since we saw kara !!
  3. thank you so much for sharing this i missed it wish there was bora though can't believe it was cancelled!!
  4. aww i hope its not their goodbye stage i wish they perform some of their other songs like tasty love or rollin.....and a collabo with hyori...btw i thought she was with Gil Entertainment cuz i read somewhere that her contract expired with m-net. Anyways i hope they win one or more awards but i'm still satisfied with there winnings already!! Kara JJang!!!
  5. thanks for sharing luv the tribute nicole jjang!!
  6. aww luv those pix hope they win more this week!!
  7. wow kool lupin rock version thanks for sharing
  8. Omg that sounded like a hard fall but i feel so proud of her cuz she was proffessional about it and got back up i'm glad hara tweeted shes okay!! SeungYeon JJang!!!
  9. wow that pic is just gorgeous she has beautiful eyes!!
  10. awww she looks so happy holding them both hamster and bunnies look cute
  11. luving her short hair though i miss her long hair
  12. jing is getting prettier and prettier everyday
  13. i like it long, straight, and wavy, no more wigs please
  14. omo shes like a mom to all of em luv the chin strokes
  15. i'm glad she didnt wear her wig i luv her long hair and wavy hair better she looks gorgeous in those pics