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I seriously love the relationship between the 91 lines. How I wish I were born at that year. These guys are so friendly, without even afraid of gossips and scandals between each other. Really like their friendship. Seems like everyone got a different role / part on their own. It's cute. Key being the leader and all. Woohyun being the vice leader. Seungyeol and Hoya become those who just follow around. Nicole being the diva. and such.

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i wish there is picture of hara with other 91line members. i only know that she is close with nicole, seohyun, dongwoon, and jinwoon.

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Nicole featured in Jinwoon's Star Call:



Yea! Wassup!


This is Starcall, Nicole
Ah, wassup?
I came here to get JW`s CD
Oh its the whole thing
yeah, that`s what friends are for
Jaejin didn`t come though he/she is in next room
soyu went home, yeah, u r the only friend Nicole
yeah, I`m the boss hahaha
only me, hahah
you are awesome ah, we got new album
hwaiting good bye
trans | cybercat
tip off | Ron
Hm, wondering if there's going to be a KEYCOLE b-day party this year...
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More '91 Line:


Mir talks about Nicole on Sebakwi:



On Quiz that Changes the World, Mir was asked what if he and Nicole stranded on deserted island. Mir said he has discussed this with Nicole before and no matter what they will be friend (no romantic interest at all) 

Translated by yooniqda_



keeping it platonic, even on a deserted island :lol:

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91 Line rocks!!  :gemhappy:  (i'm in 94.... HAHA)

Key is the leader then?? Do they even have a leader? muahahahahaha

I think Key is the one who create this 91 Line thing?



I don't know that they have a leader but Nicole did help "recruit" other idols into the group as well.

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I saw this on twitter, nothing really special but since i'm a fan of KeyCole and 91' line in general, was nice to see (: I think the last time i saw them together was on WGM^^ Jinwoon's birthday


Kamilia : "cole's mom~what do you think about KeyCole?"

Mrs. Shirley : "good friends?!!! Haha"


btw Mrs. Shirely do tweet a lot with Kamilias^^ haha





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[Translations] 14.03.13. Key Mentions Nicole & 91-Line on SBS Jung Sunhee's A Night Like Tonight Radio

Key: KARA's former member Nicole, Soyu, 2AM Jinwoon, BEAST Dongwoonm Woohyun, F.T Island Jaejin, Miss A Min, After School Nana.

Ah, there are so many members but you guys can't see each other because of separate schedules.

Woohyun: Of course, we can't.

DJ: So you guys just text each other and such.

Key: Nicole is the female president, I'm the male president. We hold a new year's party and it is the event with the most attendance from members in the year.

DJ: There is no event with so many guests like that.

Toheart: Yeah, so many members you can see everyone.

DJ: Because all the idol representatives from the biggest girl groups are there.


Translated by Yoo @ Karaholic

Tip from this tweet: omnivorecafe



Watch video Here: 91- Line Mentioned


cr @ournikori

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