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  1. I Like her Abs, because rarely idol has Abs and her muscle is awesome
  2. Looks very arrogant, sexy, slim, S line, very fitting with Nicole
  3. I prefer KARA Japanese, because the first time I heard and saw the video clip of KARA in the Japanese language (Mr.) but now I may prefer KARA korean, although in both languages ​​I still can not understand
  4. Just wait and see, and hope this album will be ALL KILL in every chat song
  5. 1. Nicole -->> She's hard work in dance 2. Gyuri -->> Park Gyuri - Goddess = 0 3. Jiyoung -->> So Cute 4. Seungyeon -->> She's got a beautiful voice 5. Hara -->> Very Energic
  6. I'm voted Nicole, she seems friendly and like traveling
  7. Nicole blonde just for this single? and on the album I can not be a lady she returned with her ​​black hair Sales are good only for a single, hopefully a new album could dominate all chat song
  8. I like KARA more than other groups, but I am just a music lover, and not too fanatic with 1 idol group :cheerful:
  9. Hey, give me your image url and the message you wanna great details here.

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    2. RotoSubroto


      ok done, i'm just not share my picture in url :D thx guys

    3. HitsuKid


      You mean it's solved? Or you want me to change that into code for you?

    4. RotoSubroto


      it's solved, thank's for your advice and help ^_^

  10. ALL KILL again plissssss with this Album, Cuz so many Group and Solo singer album was released in August until the end of the year. Amin.
  11. First look and think like a doll burly, sexy, so powerful and playful.