[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.


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any of u know that the leader of new rookie boy group, ToppDogg used to be a dsp trainee and he said that he know hara!! here the video, around 0.13 forward.


he also likes and respects (as Artists) Hara, Rainbow and YG Winner's Kang Seung Yoon^^

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[Translation] “Kiss me~”… Goo Hara, attractive lips


Everyone! I’m back. Right here, at this moment, Hara is back!!
Hello, the readers of Star Cast. I’m KARA’s Goo Hara. It has been a long time. You are doing well, ain’t you? I have been busy lately. Although I don’t have official schedule but…, I spend all my time to practice singing and study acting.
However, do you say you miss me? So I will reveal a little bit my recent activities. On 28th of last month, I had a photoshoot after a long time at one studio in Gangnam. Although the weather was still cold but to me, it was a gorgeous Spring. Do you see that red lips?

The concept of that day photoshoot is “The lovely lips that make you jealous”. I chose the dazzling coral color lipstick. It matched my make up that emphasised my eyes. I was shy but even the staffs on set praised “You look beautiful.” So how do you think, my readers?
Do you envy?

That day I worked with Jo Sehyun director. The point of beauty photoshoot was fresh and lively. Because it pressed on my face so I did need to show a lot of expressions. The point was lovely expression, did it look alright? Anyway, I relieved my eyes, my lips and my worries then “shoot”.



Lovely~ I know that feeling~

How about this cool expression?



Now stop for awhile, should I reveal Hara’s lipstick make up no house?

Every woman pays a lot of attention on cosmetics. Coral or pink is good on Spring. It will make you look dazzling yet lively and carefree at the same time. When you don’t wear make up, it is much more necessary. It’s good for your haggard face if you have this lipstick. 

Lipstick make up no house? Just need to remember these two things only. Let try to use Hara’s make up no house on this next “White Day”. You will make women around you envy you. 

- Use lips brush for the bold color lipstick. You should fill your lips clearly, so that your lip will look fuller.
- Use your finger to smudge the pink or coral colors across your lips. It will give a natural look.

If you do so, Hara’s style lips is done. It is not difficult, right?


Kiss me

Do it carefully

Make up for White 



Do you enjoy reading after a long time? I am so sorry for not being able to see you often. Please think that I am preparing for the new level. I will definitely show you the new me that is beyond your expectation. Besides, the cold of the end of Spring is quite harsh. Please don’t get sick. Star Cast readers~ See you later!

Trans by haradaily @tumblr

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@ELJunRa i know she (kh) is in safe hands. thanks for all the updates these days! you saved me a lot of time. :)







now (promoting her new endorsement)


*i think her purse is very safe. lol


just saw a fancam, she is still "aggressive" or "competitive" when playing games. lolol

(can't find it in yt yet. ok i'm done for the day..)

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Hara shows off her feminine, innocent, and sexy charms with different shades of lipstick for 'Estee Lauder'


KARA's Hara has a pretty face that looks good with just about any lipstick shade as evidenced by her endorsement photos for 'Estee Lauder'!



Hara modeled the beauty brand's new line of 'Envy Shine' lipstick in pink, cherry, and coral, highlighting three different charms. While the pink lipstick made her look like a chic princess, the cherry lipstick gave off a sexy vixen vibe, and the coral lipstick transformed her into a fairy-like beauty.


The brand's director felt that the idol was the perfect model for the brand as "Hara's girly, feminine, innocent, and sexy vibe charms are similar to the 'Envy Shine' lipstick."


Get inspired for your own spring makeup look through the pictorial!





[c] http://www.allkpop.com/article/2014/03/hara-shows-off-her-feminine-innocent-and-sexy-charms-with-different-shades-of-lipstick-for-estee-lauder

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[Fan account] 140322 - Hara’s fan comes to buy ENVY SHINE



Today I went to Estee Lauder store with my mother to buy Hara unnie’s lipstick hehe 
But when I got there..
I didn’t see any poster of Hara unnie in the store TT TT
So i thought that… maybe they didn’t sell it yet..? 

thump thump thump~~~

“Do you have the lipstick that Hara unnie is the model for?”
“Yes we do. Please follow me~”
(Phew~ so lucky;;)

Then she explained and showed me the catalogue and flyer (?). Hara unnie was really beautiful..♥


I got 3 flyers here hahaha
Hara unnie was so beautiful that my heart skipped a beat~(“)

My mother bought 2 lipsticks for me!! TT TT
HARApink and HARAcoral hehehe Both are pretty hehe


They gave me a lot of samples too hehe
At the counter, the staff told me: “It seems like you pay a lot of attention to cosmetic. People at your age must care a lot~ haha” (to be honest i don’t even care, totally not..;; haha)
So i answered “I’m Goo Hara’s fan so i come to buy”
“My husband likes Goo Hara too haha He told me to take flyer for him if it’s available”, she told me.
(i found out a new KARA fan haha)

Credit: 바운스카라 @ karaboard
© haradaily.tumblr.com




why i'm not in Korea  :teary:

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