[Haradoll] The Official 'Hara' spazz thread.


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I understand this topic was mentioned before. However, I am just forwarding a content from another network.

This item was posted on "광장(The Square)" public forum of Korean social networking service Cyworld.com.

구하라가 단발머리를 한다면 아무로 나미에? (trans: If Goo Hara gets a short hair cut she becomes Namie?)

For Pictures Click Here

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Hello people! I noticed that nobody started a topic for people to spazz about our sweet honey, Hara! So here we are. Feel free to spazz about Koala!

To the admins, feel free to correct me or remove this topic if deemed inappropriate.
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^^ hi Kasazn

i personally dont see why not, i guess all the random spazzing and talk about Hara that does not fit in with any other topic can go in here? :)

If we can get more people to post and contribute in here, i might PIN the thread :lol:

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i think we do love spazzing about her :]

what i like about her is the fact that she

really has a great personality.

at first she seemed quiet but now she OPENS up

a lot. it usually is the opposite for some celebrities.

for example: they might seemed all cheerful at first

& then start being more quiet as they get more fame.

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I lovee hara! I love how pretty she is but how she can get all into things without getting squeamish. Like cutting fish. and baking, etc. AHH and I love how competitive she is. That cutie (:

And I'm so jealous of her legs and her shoulders.

and her eyes, omg. She has these huge doe eyes.


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^^ haha yesss anne, her smile was so cute... loll bless nicole for her shout out :P

ive already commented on this picture in Hara's picture thread, but ahhhh

its such a good candid? or is it fancam? lol

definitely one of my fave pictures of Hara so far.. :P


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omg anne that's such a cute video!

LOL Nicole is really cute. "Jiyoung your lips are tasty" at that line of the song.

AHAHA AND then jing was all screaming and acting fangirly. XD

I love it when Hara gets into things and acts all hyper.

Her smile is sooo sweet <3

and louiseee! That picture of hara is sooo cute!

She looks so genuinely happy <3

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HARA's everywhere! 8D

I was watching Idol Show yesterday and she is seriously soo charming!

She always does everything with a smile and her sexy dances are so sexy~ haha. I love how dorky she is, too. And how she dressed up as a cow and she was acting all cute and confident <3.

lsdkjfsljd i love this girl. haha. She's got so much personality. (:

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