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  1. I remember when i first saw you.. Your so cute and pretty. You bring me on this status as a kpop lover.. Thank you so much for that and thank you for being my first ever bias in this kpop.. You are my first queen.. You are the reason i have Hark as my gamers name.. I know there are some ups and downs on your carrer but still i like you as my bias.. I never thought that you are gone already.. I will miss you.. We will miss you.. I really wanted to see you in person but seems to be.. Its not.. I hope you are ok on the other side.. Especially your bestfriend was also there.. And once again.. Thank you so much.. Proud to be kamillia.. RIP Goo Hara
  2. Congratulation kara!!! Thank you for giving us 8 years of happiness and love! I hope to more years to come and always keep pretty!!! HAPPY 8TH ANNIVERSARY!! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!
  3. happy birthday Mark! hope you have a Harafull time

  4. Thank you for the birthday wishes!


  6. I can do anything what you ever to say to me right now to show you all how I really want those album! I can sing any kara song and record it then post it on YouTube! I can dance what ever dance you like! I can performed gyomi and show you to all of you guys! I can eat even the most creepiest food! I can do anything just to show you that I really really want to win! And I can even show that I will support kara in any challenges! And conflicts! till my death! SO PLEASE PLEASE LET ME WIN THIS CONTEST!! PRETTY PLEASE!!! I BEGGING YOU ALL!!! i remember my two kara album...... step and the full bloom... they are the only album that i have... then suddenly, my mom accidentally throw it in the garbage. i feel like my life has been ruined and all of my hard work was gone. i work for that on a fast food.. for every night shift duty i have. to get that album. so if i ever wins.. this gonna be my first album again of kara.. so please please please i desperately begging you please let me win this game.... pretty pretty please.
  7. Best of the Best!!!!! MAMMA MIA!!!!!

  8. busy................

  9. i feel weird this day....

  10. i hope that youngji can adopt on Kara and i want to see all of the 4 kara members enjoying each other hahaha