What gender are Hara's fans?  

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So I kind of got this idea from a similar post in the soshified forum with a poll question about the gender of Sica's fans, and I was wondering the same thing about Hara... What gender are the majority of her fans? Is it mostly guys, as one would suspect? Or are there lots of girls that are her fans as well? :) Please vote in the poll! :]

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+ one for Fanboy! I dont know why, but I find it interesting for girls to be die hard fans for girl groups. While you dont really see guys being all gun ho for boy bands.

Lol that's a really good point... o_O I guess even if guys DID really like a boy band it'd be seen as being "gay" or something... whereas for girls for some reason it's OK for them to like girl groups. Hmmm... idk, even just saying that I kinda feel the same way too... weird. o_O

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