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[Video/Other] Hara and Seungri (Big Bang) Reunited

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The Prides of GwangJoo

Seungri (Big Bang) and KARA @ Kiss the Radio


Q: "How was Hara/Seungri before debuting?"

* Hara calls Seungri -> Seunghyun because they were in the same grade but it's just that Seungri's birthday is late and Seungri goes, "Age doesn't matter~"

* (6:14) Seungri says that Hara was very popular around guys and had a lot of boyfriends and that she ignores his texts now because she's popular (as a gasoo) [he says the ignoring part playfully joking of course] and Hara is just like, "Noo~ Noo~"

* (6:54) Hara says that Seungri was popular too and he danced well but he had a bad case of Prince Syndome [wangja byung..lol everyone laughs]..and that's not the end! - he had popularity with Noonas. ;D

* (7:35) Seungri counters her and begins saying that Hara liked him back then! LOL. You HAVE to watch the radio show to see how he says it (ihe laughs after he says it..lol) because he causes the whole room to break out into laughing and 'AAAAHHHH's and Hara is like "ANIYO!! ANIYO!! ANIYO!!" (No! No! NO!) waving her hands 'No' and moving all over her seat, and she looks as if she don't even want to think about that..LOL ..and she has something to say again - And so what she says is after Hakwon (tutoring/dance class), Seungri asked if she needed anything at the convenience store and bought her strawberry milk and that he tried to hit on her. XD Seungri looks so uncomfortable (7:45) ..hahaha..like 'guilty/caught' and is like, "What are you saying? Your story is different from mine." And then at the end of that, they are just like, "Nahhh, we're just good friends." That whole part was so funny.

Seungri sings "Strong Baby" while the others are singing the "Crack! Crack! Crack!" part. Afterwards, Eeteuk calls it the "Crab Song"..."taste of crabs." lol

Q: "There were a lot of exotic moves..wasn't it awkward?" (talking about Strong Baby MV)

Seungri: (14:00) "Suju's Sungmin called me and told me he was very jealous. I was very happy because it was the first time for a kissing/bed scene..but I kept making mistakes. It was a very exotic MV, but we're going to show the unedited version at the Big Show."

Eunhyuk: "THAT was the edited version?"

Q: "What would you call yourself?"

Seungri: "A white paint. Because you can mix it with any other color and create different outcomes." (So he can try new things, etc.)

Q: "What was the hardest thing to change?"

Seungri: "The way I speak, the way I act. Instead of being the cute/talkative Maknae, I have to be serious."

Q: "You still retain SOME cuteness though, right?"

Seungri: Yes, a little.

Q: "Show us a bit please."

(17:20 Seungri shows example, everyone laughs)

(17:35) Eeteuk starts teasing, "Hara, why is your face turning red?"

Hara: "It's notttttt~~"

Kara sing "Pretty Girl" and Eeteuk or Eunhyuk say how Sunye (from WG) broke the equipment last time. LOL. When they sit back down they go through some text messages. One of the text messages read, "I was washing the dishes with my red rubber gloves and subconsciously threw my hands up at the 'YEAH YEAH YEAH' part" (Their fans came up with that and have been doing that in their performances and Kara says that they couldn't stop laughing)

Seungri: "The other members aren't here..." (Big Bang)

Q: "Say something to them since you're lonely~"

Seungri: "Where are you guys~~~~"

Q: "Who's the person you miss/treasure the most?"

Seungri: "GD hyung."

Q: What do you normally sing at Noraebang?"

Seungri: "We're very different (than Kara) we try not to sing and give the mics to the other members.

They asked if Seungri and Hara went to Noraebang together before debut and he said that they rarely met outside the dance hakwon.

Seungri: "Outside the practice rooms, we're strangers."

Q: "After this show, are you going to be strangers again?"

Seungri: "I told you, she acts as if we're strangers now~" (more teasing..lol)

Hara: "Noooo, I don't~"

This part, Seungri's going to say stuff to the members that he hasn't been able to say. (20:29)

Seungri: "I don't think I've ever said this to my members, it's kind of romantic, but I'll say it now..

...Hyungs, I love you."

Seungri: When I normally say it, they make gagging sounds. (29:34 LOL if you watch it, you'll see him imitate them..it sounds ugly..haha)

(30:00) They talk about Kara's Maknae, Ji Young's sleeping habits. Nicole says she went into Jiyoung's room while she was sleeping and she suddenly yelled, (30:34) "SHIRUHHHHH!!" and started grinding her teeth. LMAO.

Seungyeon: "That looks so much like a cellphone~" (looking at something he's holding)

Eunhyuk: "It does."

Q: "When were you the happiest?"

Seungri: "The members say it's 'now'. They think that when my solo activities are over, I'll become depressed." etc.

Q: "Were you ever jealous of Taeyang?"

Seungri: "No, but he looked so happy and could express anything he wanted and I wanted to express what I want too."

Seungyeon talks about how she was more popular in middle school. "I think I've become less popular after becoming a gasoo.

Q: "Why?"

Seungyeon: "Because I've become too far to reach."

Nicole says she wants to go to the theme park with the members before she becomes 20.

Seungri sings an old song and says he sings it to lighten the mood, he talks a bit between singing.

Seungri: "Hello I'm a 3rd grader at .... middle school~"

Eunhyuk and Eeteuk: "Yeah! Greet Kara!"

Seungri: "Ah, stop that, it's embarrassing.."

The lyrics say, "It's not too late now~" and so Eunhyuk and Eeteuk are like, "Yeah, it's not too late, choose now!"

This part is cute, so the lyrics in the song are like, "I'll love you forever~ I'll love you forever~ I'll love you forever~"

Eunhyuk and Eeteuk: "Love who forever?"

At the end Seungri says, "I'LL LOVE KARA FOREVER~~~!" (39:26) XD Awww.

Eunhyuk and Eeteuk: "Seungri knows how to brighten the mood..."

Gyuri: "...He was so cool.." and the hosts make fun of her for being so quiet.

Seungri talks about the Noraebang story again saying that where he used to noraebang, he opened the door a little so that the noonas (1-3 years older) could hear him sing.

(talking to fans outside)

(Gyuri sings)

Q: "What do you think?"

Seungri: "It's like dreaming a dream." (because the song is like dream something)

Seungri: "It's fun now that I'm doing a radio show with other people since awhile now."

(49:00) Everyone's start showing their aegyo (cuteness) to Seungri and you can tell he's enjoying it..hahaha.

Seungyeon: "Seungri, hi~"

Gyuri: "Seungri, please do me that favor?"

Nicole: "Oppa, you're the best~"

Jiyoung: "Oppa I'll continue cheering for you~"

So everyone was saying theirs in cutesy voices and Hara is the only one who doesn't and she doesn't want to go but everyone's making her. lol

(49:39) Hara: "Why...ah..(going back to when they were pre-debut) Seunghyun...you were cool back there..."

Seungri says he was happy to be around cuteness. "This was behind-the-scenes, but they asked me what group I wanted to go on show with the most, and I said Kara." (49:54) He says it's the first time going on a show with girl members.

Q: "Who's the Kara member you like the most?"

Seungri: "I think Jiyoung..." (50:05)

Q: "They ask Seungri to give a supporting message to Kara." (50:16)

Seungri: (50:22) "Kara is very cute on stage and they sing very well. They always try their best and it shows. It's good to see that and they have a good relationship. And I feel good, honestly. In the view of a companion(?). And, make sure to take care of my very close friend, Hara. And Jiyoung, I know because I'm a Maknae too - listen to your unnies. And the leaders, please take care of the others. I hope that Kara become more developed and show a better selves."

Seungri: "On the end of the month, Big Bang will have their BIG SHOW concert. We plan to start and end fantastically. Please look forward to it."

Q: "Where is it held?"

Seungri: "Jamshil Stadium. It will be 4 performances and in 2009, each Big Bang member will have solo activities. GD hyung will release a solo and YB hyung will follow him. TOP hyung will do a drama and Daesung hyung will be on variety show (these are all 'plans'). And I, as well, can bring good news to you guys."

translation credit: bigbangnyuh@asianfanaticsforum

edited by: the7REAL@asianfanatics forum

Edited by Elianna

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wow thanks for all that

that is so crazy to think two huge stars randomly knew each other from youth, such small world!

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aww thanks for sharing this.

i remember reading this back then...but

couldn't find the translator who translated this.

thank you (:

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Whoa thanks for sharing the radio yt links with us and on top of that you translated the radio thanks a lot for that as well. Love Seungri. I think Seungri and Hara look cute together.

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someone should seriously put them on we got married together

that would be AWESOME

viewership ratings will be sky high

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Hahaha.. i see lotsa private things revealed.. lol.. its like intimate note but on the radio..haha.. this is surely meant to be enjoyed.

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thanks for th translations ! <3

it was really nice of you .

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awwwwwww. :] Im offically shipping SeungRa.

I love the constant teasing. the two seem very close&cute.

Even SJ noticed & started teasing them of eachother :]

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it would be kind of cool if they went out. But Hara looks too sophistiocated with her new hair and wahtnot.

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