Have you ever met KARA in real life?


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omg cant wait til i go to korea!

ill be like out in the city everyday with a set of notebooks and pens armed :L

i wish australia had celebrites that just walk around the city like normal people!

the life of korea is too good to miss :D

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nope. If they would come to Canada! lol. One of my goal is to visit Korea!

Do it! Check to see if Shim Shim Tapa is next to a window so you can visit!

I got to see Gyuri and Jiyoung on Kiss The Radio back in February.

Actually, Shim Shim Tapa probably not close to to a window. Kiss the Radio definitely is. Be sure to check the schedule when you go.

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I'm sure less than 5% of the members in this forum have seen Kara in person. However 100% of us wanna meet them haha.

It would be a real pleasure if I could meet them in person. Can't even describe it. One thing for sure though, I'd be looking down at all of them lol.

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I went to the event in Shinkiba, and shook their hand. They had to shake a lot of hands that day. Kinda felt sorry for them.

Edit:OMG SERIOUSLY?? YOU SHOOK THEIR HANDS? *DIES* Aaahhhh I envy you..... ><

Oh my gooosh I wish I could. They never came to Canada before. My only chance is to go to Korea and hope that I come across them. Oh man, would I be so happy. But of course, only the lucky get to see them. I'll wait to see if I'm one of those lucky people.

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