[Sungja] KARA's dearest Saint spazz thread


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Our dear Sunghee haven't got her own spazz thread..

although looks like not much we can spazz about her now, but at least we can try to remember her days in KARA back then..

and maybe if we got some little news about her..

that way, our Sungja will never be forgotten smile.gif

1st, i'll start with pics spam.. laugh.gif














credit:as tagged,cyworld,and i can't remember the rest..sorry >.<

btw, at 1st i planned to make this thread at her bday, but i can't do it >.<

so i decided to make this on her couple's bday laugh.gif

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yuda, is it okey if i dont reply your pm? since i want to post here :")

i think it's a bit better if you posted this thread sooner just 1 day, on Sungri day - 05.20

DSP organized a birthday party for Sungri on this day 3 years ago <3

and you're just so sweet when creating this thread for us, thank you <33

[btw, i need to say this before i forget, haha. idk why but though your uploaded files are gif but they're always displayed as jpg

i asked pim to check it out if my computer goes mad but pim also meets the same like me . . how about you yuda '_]

i still keep all my Sungja photos [and also KARA04 ones] till now :") but just photos, i dont save gifs :")

*copy and change the format to gif _ _"*

everytime i see this gif, i think of rondo straightly, haha. still remember she uses this gif as her avatar on karachina during the longggggg time before Sunghee leaves KARA and i dont see her anymore.

hey Pim, do you have any new stuff about her? you like to call her Julie or sth like that, rite? i love calling her rondo though it sounds like a male name

and yuda, i think maybe you want to know who is rondo^^ she's one of 3 international kamilias i really respected <3 she's the first admin of karachina and she did lotttttt of things that make me thinking of her whenever i talk about KARA04 <3

haizzz... suddenly i miss Mona too ):

and seeing this make me laugh a lot
it seems i can hear GyulCole' voices saying "Liesssss" here

our Sungbokie doesnt lie, she knows yoga >v<

sharing 4 of my fave caps :")





[c]: from naver blog i think ^^

i miss her dimples..

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hmm i think sumtimes it's our wish too :D

we always miss her..

and i don't know, but i think she can get close with GoolJing too :)


haha yeah...i'm happy that u want to write here too :)

and it's ok u didn't reply to me..but at 1st i thought u didn't receive my pm.. :lol:

ouch..i didn't knew about that :P proves that i still have a lot of to learn about her..

ahh yes..that's always the problem with tinypic..i don't know why...

it says .jpg but it's moving..lol...

but since everytime i'm saving gifs from tinypic, my browser already detect it as a gif, so it wasn't much a problem for me :)

hmm her pics is one of the fewest that i have..

hopefully u can share some more later yoo, and no need to rush :P

haha u read my mind again..when i read the 1st part,i was wondering, who is this rondo..and u explain it right away :sweatdrop:

looks like u having a lot of great friend back then on kara4 days :)

LIES!!! haha i like that parts too...that's why i made it before (the gif is mine =P)

that UCC video really funny, when they are playing around in the middle of the night :)

great caps Yoo..really love her smile..and of course, her dimples too.. :lol:

do u remember where does the 2nd caps came from yoo??

i really miss her presences in KARA..

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"topic pinned"

not many members especially new fans knows this ex-vitamin of ours.

i'm too, have little knowledge about sung. only get to know through the limited video clips.

quite surprising to me, back then sungri really complement with each other very nicely.

i love watching them when they are throwing funs around.

520 sungri day, thanks yoo. i learnt something meaningful today.

feel disappointed we're days late this year to commemorate this day.

yuda, nice thought of yours here. you actually make things happened & moving.

saw your group spazz thread days ago but hestiated to post with what i have drafted.

believe me i wrote a lot or rather i ask lots of questions about kara4 & things surrounding.

maybe they're bit negative or wouldn't do any good by posting/discussing, so i hold back. :sweatdrop:

i'm afraid of causing a stir & get banned too. hahahahh.

yep pics & gifs are nice but they show what we already can see from outside & not saying anything behind those pretty faces.

for me, i most wish to know her kara days more than her present doings.

i don't want to know those things found here in kh but those unheard or untold.

but think it's difficult now as i believe half sung fans have already stopped coming to kh.

or maybe it's better to look forward while not digging up but remembering the past. :)

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thx for pinning it eric :)

my knowledge about her are very little too..

that's why by making this thread, i wish i can know about her a lot more..

with helps from other members who loving her so much and know more about her :)

and i was sad too..we can't do much on her bday...i'm always wish we can do sumthing for her..

i don't have much time to spazz around these days..u know it XD

but i still try to be here and the groups spazz thread..at least i'm trying my best to keep it alive..

haha, u write a lot???i'm curious with it..i think it's ok to post it..

that thread are intended to talk about them, and i write 'KARA', not 'KARA5' :)

but if u hesitating, i think u can try ask here..and hopefully, yoo, or sum1 else who knew about kara4 can help us :)

and lmao, u won't get banned!! ur the one who can ban people :P

"i don't want to know those things found here in kh but those unheard or untold."

yeah...that's my wish too..i'm sure she have a lot more than what we found here..

i knew some of her dedicated fans that kep on coming here :)

although not much, but i'm sure there are still many kamilia that are loyal to her..

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count me on the loyal fans here though i rarely come to sungja box and post anything, but she's always in my heart <3



i know very few people know or remember about the Sungri day but with me, it's one of the most important days i always keep in my mind. i even used it on all my passwords ^^

but now, you and eric know it too, i believe that you guys also remember that just like me <3

oh well, so tinypic still works on you, it's okey. i think i just need to change the format when download them

btw, i love to share and talk on 1 thread like this more than create many threads and talk on them
i'll share more pic of sungja later, all of my stuffs, i promise ^^

the 2nd cap is from Mnet School of Rock with Supernova / Choshinsung. that cap is about the moment when sunghee lost a game [because of gyuri
]. and as she lost, she has to go with the loser of Choshinsung [Gwangsoo] and do sth with him
i still remember his name until now since Sunghee ate the same banana with him -____________- that made me crazy really -_________-

i'll upload this show later yuda. i'm uploading news and interview now ^^ maybe the next one is tv show :")

i believe if you know rondo, you'll like her too <3 and mona either <3



can i call you eric? ^^

and just ask anything about sunghee here. if i know, i'll reply on you since i'm not good at starting about any topic ^^

btw, what do you guys want to know about Sunghee? pls write here, and as i said, i'll answer if i know anything :")

okey, so i post sunghee's sponsor and miscellaneous photos first ^^

dont ask me about the source, i cant remember clearly
but they're almost from naver blogs, dc inside and karachina [thanks to rondo <3]

anyway, enjoy~





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ahhh now i know ur passwords...should i try it?? lmao XD

hmm do u think it's safe to mention it?? :)

hmm i'm gonna definitely gonna remember it with this weak brain of mine :lol:

ahh weird..u need to manually change it??

i use photobucket too before this..but the BW limit is annoying XD

haha nice..just do it slowly yoo..so we can have more to talk too :)

and although u didn't visit sungja's box, but at least now u have this thread...hopefully it can be ur home too, just like HaNi's home :)

haha really??i want to watch it!!!

and of course, u know what will i say after u mention it :) i'll be patiently waiting for it to be uploaded Yoo ^^

i'm still trying to finish download all of 2007 videos..2 pages left to go..haha

and after that, the mp3, can't wait for it.. XD

hmm...about rondo and mona...are they still active now yoo???

hmm i don't have anything in my mind now..

but i'll ask here if i have some questions..

will wait for eric's questions for now.. :lol:

haha sunghee's smile..it's so unique..and soooo sungja :D

she looks really sweet in the 1st pic yoo

argh i found too many great pics these days..i can't decide which one should i use for my avatar >.<

alright..gonna try to sleep now..ahh bad me..

i need to wake up soon..but i'm still very fresh, because of having too much sleep today T_T

btw, still waiting for pim's presence here :)

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hi yoo, of course. :)

with you here, i prefer a single thread for all. hahah, i'm lazy actually.


ok let's approach this discussion slowly & steady, as and when it's appropriate & available. no hurry & compulsory to anything.

but i really wish to hear from those who followed kara since day 1 or even before 329.

lately it was revealed probably it was her own decision to quit the group.

how do you guys think about her decision in dedicating her life to religion, the devotion to help people with the same experiences of life?

what was the first reaction? what were the days like?

or the previous reason of being an obedient daughter to her only beloved parent?

personally i'm a religious person too. some may not fully understand but i really feel the lost of her mum has a major impact on her decision.

probably the lost of someone whom she used to be dependent on was deeply felt during lonely time.

it takes a brave person to give out his/her dream inorder to follow another path where he/she believes it can lead to peace & real purpose in life.

since i don't know much about sung, so not going to lie saying i'm one of her devoted fans but as a kamilia i love all ex & current members. i do.

i'm not from kara4 so i don't know how devastating you were when learnt sung was leaving the group.

but i just imagine if one of the present members is to quit for whatever reason, i'll be feeling worst than buried alive.

it'll be like losing 1 finger out of the unqiue 5.

but even if the world is collapsing upon me, i too wish the best & support her choice.

well when you are deeply in love with a person unconditionally, you respect the decision he/she made too, even though it's heartbreaking seperation.

though i'm saying this but i do hope there isn't a day that a kara5 member will to come out & say she's quiting music for her religious belief.

i still believe there was other reason behind but again pure wild guessing based on sentimental. :D

in a way, i find dsp also played a part. they could be more understanding & flexible.

but in reality world, as an idol there're a lot of things to be sacrificed. look at todays, which idol is allowed to do things like normal person?

i guess it's called the price to pay for chasing the dream.

but was dsp handling at that time appropriate or could be better? not so much about their hiatus, but what did you think about kara3?

i still have this weird feeling why sung didn't choose to discuss with gyulhamcole, especially gyul.

sung seemed she was lacking some shoulders to lean on, or was she being reserved & therefore rejecting?

actually what i'm most concern with were the after-things & post-effects.

time heals wound(s) but scar(s) is permanent.

ah think i better stop now, or more precisely i shall wait for the appropriate time.. :D

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Here I comeeeee hehehe~

This thread makes me wanna rewatch my whole KARA4 collection!!

I wanna fly back to the old days when I started being hooked to these girls, thanks to Sungbokie oppa!!!

So to me she's the origin of my everything about KARA :D

@ Yoo: yup i remember Julie/rondo, a very devoted Sunghee fan. I wonder how she's doing lately. Still a kara fan hopefully?

@ YongJoo-GATED!: Why is that thought scary? lol Anyway I used to hope Sunghee to come back one day to KARA, though the chance is too slim now. However, I dont think they would... fit each other.. in both ways. To showcase her vocal to the fullest, Sunghee should come back as a soloist. though the rate of success for soloist these days in kpop almost equals 0 ):

@ Eric: TRUEEEE. SungRi is the best KARA couple!!! They had a lot of chemistry back in the day xD Actually I felt like Sunghee was the bridge in KARA4 to connect GyuHamCole altogether. With KARA5 a lot of non-Kamilia question the close bond between the members, which was never seen during the KARA4 days. She was Gyul's sweetheart, a big caring unnie of Cole & she could get close to Seungyeon (2 reserved pieces of the group), you can see from how Korean Kamilia went crazy over Sungyeon couple haha Oh i feel missing all their sweet momentssssss ):

And also Sunghee's corner is the most appropriate place to ask about KARA4 imo

so dont hesitate if you wanna bring up something about them

it helps other new fans explore kara in the old days too. overall its good right? :)

Im really bad at recalling. I need some questions as triggers to bring my memory alive lol

& for sure you wont get banned ! :(




oh thats a long post. im gonna read through it.. i see you mention the day when the breaking news about her departure was out. it was painful.

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at last..pim has come!!! :lol:

u want to rewatch ur videos?? same here..but in my case, start to watch, not rewatching :P

these days, i really want to know more about sunghee and kara4...

downloading a lot of videos, but haven't got the chance to start watching it..

hmm u r right bout how sunghee need to show her vocal..

the way kara right now won't be fitted with her.i forgot about that one..

except if kara will change their image and all..

but really..it's my wish for a long time now :P

hmm sunghee as a bridge..now u mentioned it, i just realized that..

esp of seungyeon and cole..

she indeed play a big role in their relationship..

and don't know why, sumtimes i miss gyul in her kara4 days..

esp watching her interaction with sunghee of course..

don't know why, since their comeback as kara5, i feel gyul giving different feelings..

don't know exactly what does it likes, maybe more like a mom to the children???

but i'm always having different feeling for her everytime i watching kara4 videos..


once again, ur post make me think a lot things and kind of speechless :D

let's see what can i write now..

i don't really remember the details now about her reason of leaving KARA..

i never want to remember it either..

but i'm gonna be blunt, on my first time reading that..i was a lil bit surprised..

honestly, i'm not too fond of her beliefs, but i'm always respecting other's decision.. :)

tbh, i haven't really believe that those words are from her..don't know why..

it just hard to believe..and just like what u said, it's hard to know, what is the REAL reasons...

maybe we will never know it...

but as for myself, learning from what i've read the other day, there sumthing good that i find..

devoting herself for other, and in the meanwhile, keep on doing what u've been dreaming on and what's ur passion is..

i'm really appreciating that a lot..sumtimes i'm envying people who have the courage to take that paths :)

it's much much much better than doing/working on sumthing that u didn't have full heart into it..

and no matter how much heartbreaking it is, i'm always wishing whatever the best for her..

as long as she can happy and enjoying her life, whatever her decision is, i'll always respect it :)

i can't said much about her family and about why she didn't talk about it to the others members..

i don't know much about it yet, so i didn't dare to talk too much about it..

i'm already seen some members quitting a group, and it never gives me a good feeling..

sometimes it's heartbreaking, sumtimes makes u wondering, sumtimes makes u feel mad too..

and i don't even want to think what if that happens to KARA..

the questions that always came on my mind everytime i think about sunghee is whether they still contact each other right now..

esp gyuri..

if yes, that will be nice..but if not..why??

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To be honest, as a non-religious person I don't understand at all

how she could give up her career to be entirely dedicated to God.

Not that I don't respect her decision.

But personally that reason doesn't sound satisfying to me ):

and I felt like being hit hard bcos that new story/reason/explanation

no more or less simply told me "hey everything is so hopeless now".

if it was for her education, we'd be lucky to have her back one day soon

but if its true that she quit bcos the idol life routine separated her from God and she couldnt stand it... you get what I mean?

I still not give up on waiting for her, but my faith isnt as strong as it used to be

flying back to that day of 2 yrs ago..

oh i still remember the first person jumped into the soompi thread and ask for confirmation on her departure

it was around 4am korean time. that person left a short question asking something like

"is she really quitting?" "i heard she has quit, is that true?"

at that time i thought he was just a random spammer, shrugged and ignored him *facepalm*

the news official broke out in the morning.

i remember how painful and devastating it was to learn it

and to witness the reactions of other fans.

everyone was aware of how important sunghee meant to the group at that time

so even people who were non-kamilia rushed to the Secret World thread to express their omg shock

about me i was more than speechless. i felt it was so ironice, like a joke

the second time I really got into a kpop group,

my most favourite member cant stay long with the group either

(the member in that other group, who brought me into kpop, died when he was only 19)

and omg only as i type this out i realize that sunghee left kara when she was 19 DDDDD:

okay anyway this is not a reasonable comparison -__-

i really wonder about how long she had thought about the withdrawal before officially telling the staffs

i dont know either if she told her kara sisters beforehand or kara3 realy had no prepartion at all

it was a long hiatus of kara after the first album promotion ended.

we were quite often updated on sunghee through the photos she posted on her cyworld

we knew she was having a very enjoyable trip in HK w her family

we thought it was merely a normal promotion hiatus

if she really did not discuss with gyulhamcole, i dont think it was bcos she could not find a shoulder

she just knew it would be a big shock for them, given the hardship they had to go through for months,

it would for sure be a slap for all the group's efforts. she was just thinking for her members, thats my only assumption i can come up with

@ Yuda: so trueee. okay its good to see Gyul taking care of her kids but erhhhh thats not enough for me =___=

i miss SungRi's super sweet moments )))))): and i share the wondering with you... if they are still in close touch with each other? ):

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for me, that really need a lot of courage, to give up her career just for that..

it needs much more courage and else than dreaming to become a singer..

but i was very shocked too when i read that..

just like i said, it's a lil bit hard to believe..i really have mixed feeling back then..

and yep..previously, we can have bigger faith of her return someday..

but with that news, it's getting smaller and smaller..

wow..i'm really imagining that,pim if that happens right now..

i won't even be able to say anything..

it will feels like losing ur family...

it makes me very scared just to think about it..

i don't mean to make the other members looks like not important, but sunghee's presence really important for kara4 back then..

hmm...i'm agree with u..i'm sure it's not about she didn't trust any1..

judging from what i know about her, she isn't like that..

i'm sure she do it just because she know how hard it will be for other members...

and i'm sure when she knew kara will comeback, she must be very glad..

yeah pim..and sumtimes i hate when a member left the group..

it looks like the company want to completely erase her presence in the group T_T

u can hardly hear any news of her, or interaction about her and the groups...

i've been really wanting to know..just a small news, whether they still contact each other or not T_T

although the members were shocked, hurt, and facing a lot of struggle, just like ham's story in strong heart before..

but i don't believe they are hating each other that they didn't communicate at all after that..

i'm sure they still love each other, but i'm still wanting to see an evidences that they still contacted each other, no matter how small it is..

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sorry another long one. i removed the newlines to make it looked short. :D

sung was a trainee for 3 years well before gyulhamcole who trained 1 year before their debut. believe they should be under some sorts of contracts, so how could sung allow to quit at her wish or had any kind of say? some said her contract included condition to achieve mimimum academic results which i don't believe dsp or any other company would agree in the first place. dsp subduing at sung request to leave seemed too amicable. i don't believe agreement was reached on happy note. what was the reason behind dsp for being so cooperative? what was the official words released by dsp? any suspicion discussed previously?

was thinking hard to imagine back then what would i feel but think i would believe her words (quitting because of poor grades). i would reluctantly support her decision but earnestly pray for her return too. oh btw did sung explain? but when another reason was rumoured months ago, i was "what"? religion belief? was i wrong to start suspecting "things"? to quote pim words, was she feeling very hopeless at that time? bet nobody knew much about her personal life. not sure about this but were kara4 days really that bad? now rather than thinking negatively, i just feel that everyone who loves kara should be "together" & not wild guessing here & there. for some they hope to hear the truth, for some it may not be most important as kara5 is the priority now. i'm both here, not that i want to dig but i think we deserve to know bit.

about the part where why didn't sung confide in the girls before dsp, still puzzling me a lot. i really don't understand but can't help to think.. it was a regret.. are they still in touch? we sincerely hope. :)

following sung sudden departure, i was more concern with kara3. sung was the bridge in kara4 but what happened when it was gone? i was presented the fact that cole was stronger among them so gyulham were affected most? why only ham was invited to represent kara while on hiatus? or rather why was ham chosen instead of gyul? where were gyulcole? read gyul was guesting radio but there was before sung leaving right?

how was kara popularity before sung quited? it seemed not as success as expected but didn't they won 2 awards? so the awards were not of high esteem as compared to the rest? still remember those selfcams on which they looked extremely forward to mkmf 07 where they turned up so lovely. (oh i had missed so much, where was i?) could tell they were bit disappointed but who would expect the worst when sung left 1 month before 1st anni. any idea how many fans were lost? no matter what, fans shouldn't just pack & leave but stick even closer to the shocked kara3. my sincere apology but i feel those were more of sung fans rather than kara fans.

actually when was korea kamilia formed? their planned 1st anni celebration must have thrown in disarray while everyone including gyulhamcole must be still helplessly accepting the devastating truth. but glad the girls managed to pull through with the help of everyone. look at where are the girls now today. :)

i always see those pictures & gifs where the official pearl peach coloured balloons were released into the sky in a stadium. (please don't tell me it was fake.) when & where was it? dream concert 07? the small peach section might seem unnoticeable compared to the other colours but i believed they didn't lack in terms of passion. it must be a special milestone for the girls & kamilia. any video where i can relive those moments? (sorry i haven't watched all 07 videos in mediabox yet.)

sorry for the badly organized & grammared text, too many came to mind. :)


every word mentioned, i have these feelings too. the gyul i know today seems so different from kara4 days.

she seemed happier back then. probably she has grown as the group matured but i miss the "old" gyul.


sorry that this discussion triggered your memory of the death of your the other idol.

he will be glad to hear that someone still remembers & mentions about him years later.

& oh pim & yoo, it's nice to have "pioneer" staffs here for depth sharing. really appreciated, your "highnesses". "bowing bowing" :)

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ur posts makes me having a 'headache' again in the middle of the night :P

i'll just comment on things that i knew a lil bit..

since the rest are a blank for me too :P

i think ham was chosen to be 'active' that day, maybe because she is the most appealing on that time..

that day, cute concept was the most widely accepted, and looks like ham was getting popular that day..

so rather than all of them going inactive, at least one member are getting invited..

and ham can't let the chances passing by..just like her story on strong heart..

aas for gyul and cole, i think they are just not having too many invitations..

and u can see until now, there aren't too many moments of ham and cole..

dont' know why, looks like they are one of the couple that didn't really fit to each other..

gyulcole is better..but gyulham too, although their interaction are sweet and nice, but it's still rare too..

although i think it's much better than ham with cole..

afaik, kara4 do quite bad compared to others..

they did win some awards, but looks like it wasn't the important one..

kara's honey win was said as the 1st awards they receive since debut..

i don't know why the previous awards aren't counted..

hmm..i know..it's normal to have a biased to 1 members..but it's just sad when watching a member leaving, and then so does the fans..

it happens a lot these days..

bout gyul..yeah.i really wish i can gyul back to her old self..and ham too..

nowadays they looks tired, or having a lot of pressure..

no matter how much they smile, i like it more watching their smile on the kara4 days..

it just looks like they were enjoying their life and living their life carefree..

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hahahh, headache. sorry. :blushing:

promise no headache again if you see this.

what i think is gyul was greatly impacted by sung departure and cole was still practising her hangul?

while ham spoke well, hence she was chosen by tv shows? anyway we will never know.

about the hamcole thing, actually i see litte gyulham & sungham too. more like ham was the reserved one? or serious type? hahah.

but pim mentioned earlier that sungham pairing was the crazy one too, so i must have missed a lot on this part.

ahhh, need to speed up my "study" inorder to have clearer picture.

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she does have a good reason for doing it.. :)

i'm sure about that..

and she does close with the other members too :)


it's alright..it's much better, it makes spazzing in the forum more fun..

with a lot of things to think about :)

yep we can only be speculate about things now, since we won't ever know the real reason..

i think the most active coupling that related to ham only HaYeon..

hara can helps ham very much....no wonder about that though :)

she just too reserved..and she need people like hara or sunghee to help her...

although there aren't many sungham's moments too..

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  • 1 month later...


don't worry..

i'm a new fans too :lol:

yep,u can ask anything u want to know about her and KARA4's days here :crybaby:

all of us will try to answer it as far as we can..haha

u can check the 2007 videos too..it have all of KARA4's videos :P

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watch all of it!!!

2007 videos have Break It, If U Wanna, Secret World, Fighting, Tear Eraser, Don't be Shy..

even soundbox have a lot of songs that they have sang in the past..

and get ready to be captivated by sungha's voice :lol:

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haha it's cool!! just watch it if u have time too..

althoug i'm done collecting 2007 videos, still yet to watch it myself :P

hmm..afaik, there are no regular VS when KARA4 days..

but they do participate in some show that quite interesting..

like the UCC videos, and SEE U interview, Keywui Interview..yeah,something like that :P

i'm single fighter here now..waiting for my 3 fellows' comeback here XD

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