[Video] Hara's Bowling Skills.


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wow is there something she is not good at? where and when was this episode or is it even a variety show?


where it took place? Japan. (:


This was aired on Nov. 27, 2010.

variety show:

TV-Tokyo MelodiX!

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when the mc got the spare, she was screaming in disbelieving.

sighing along with her dropping shoulders & low-spirited voice, she walked across to pick out the ball.

but please observed here, her smile was still there. lol.

THE smile returned again when she felt good with the way the ball went & then strike!

everything just went, from high-fiving everyone, jumping in delight, running on the spot celebrating & ended with a winning pose! lolol.

"never say never," because i'm goo hara!


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