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  1. Can't agree more with your statement, Performers can be different with their real selves. This is kinda same situation like, liking fictional figures? with exception if you know them outside of performance
  2. One of the Lupin performance come to mine when i see this thread Supposely, if i didn't get it wrong, it's MR Removed. don't know if it's real or not, but all the girls seems to lip syncing, which is NG for me
  3. JiYoung You're JiYoung. You tend to get angry easily and snap at people. You're more uptight than the others but they love you anyways. Got JiYoung, Hoping for Hara though..
  4. mine are "Jumping" and "Lupin" followed by "STEP", since it's kinda new.. Lol
  5. i've played Technika, but i think i played 1st gen of it.. since it's not so popular in my country.. still, i love it when k-pop made into an arcade game.. so just wishing that this version of technika soon released here
  6. Definitely a new fan, lol i know KARA when they're performing Mister
  7. :harac3: Hara~~ It's definitely Hara for me
  8. let's hope they will re-sign their contract, it's not KARA if some of them leaves
  9. i'd love to go on date with Hara, aaa :eyelove: but she's already with junhyung treat her well, watch out someday i'll steal Hara from you
  10. I think every member deserve chance to show their wit in variety shows So, all 5 can go on WGM, better when they get decent partner lol =D i vote for all, hehe
  11. i think they are lost twins, just like in movies. lol must be awkward if someone seen them walking along?
  12. Hara is definitely the best, Jjang! I'm not bad myself in bowling, wish i can bowl with her sometimes
  13. sorry to bring up such old thread, but it's really awesome So i'm asking permission to save these images She can be cute and cool, really Daebak!
  14. i vote for "Honey" since she's just too sweet.. and again, She's KARA's very own honey~~
  15. I'm actually 1 years older than her, lol =D so i'm an "oppa" to her.. hehe