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      Karaholic needs GFX (Graphic Artists). If you are interested, please message me or @flamestalker , @Yongery or @Lupang


  1. Karaholic

    Karaholic Lobby

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    First stop for all you strangers who will soon be friends.


    Do you have a question, a complaint, or a comment? Our friendly staff will address your calls right here.

    Karaholic Diary

    6,200 posts

    Pen down your sweet messages to Kara.


    Karaholic Projects

    4,079 posts

    Join us as we send our love from all over the world to Kara.


    Sweet Melodix

    651 posts

    Application counter for available positions in our subbing team. We also welcome feedback regarding our work.

    From Kara

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    From Kara to Karaholic and Kamilia

    No posts here yet

  2. KARA

    Park Gyuri ~ 박규리

    24,135 posts

    Welcome to the goddess's realm, venture in and witness the sweet heavenly beauty of Kara's very own goddess leader; be enchanted by her looks, in awe of her personality, and most of all, fall for her charm and wit. Be warned though, once you do there is no turning back!


    Without a doubt, she's simply Seungsational, with her sweet and enchanting eye smile, she will draw you in without you knowing. Not to mention her choding-like looks and refreshing charisma, you will be left even more intrigued. Get to know her playful and adorkable side as she transforms into Kara's ham.


    Always remembered and never forgotten is Kara's forever vitamin and eternal saint Sungja. Get to know this bright and bubbly girl with the voice of an angel, alien language, and a guy name to boot, hello Sungbokie oppa! We eagerly await the return of the saint!

    Goo Hara ~ 구하라

    33,716 posts

    Craving for some sweet relief? Why not try Kara's very own honey? She is sweet and sassy and will leave you wanting for more! With just one look you are sure to be hooked, from her pretty doll-like features to her shining confidence and grace.


    You're invited to join Kara's mood-maker and forever maknae on a one-way ticket to fun and laughter. See why this American Dream is so unique and special; from her 4D nature and hyper personality, to her sexy and strong dance skills, or maybe her chicken and dolphin impersonations will catch your attention.


    How can you not stand in aww of our cute and delightful maknae? Come in and bask in her adorableness. She may be the youngest but her height tells a different story. Fall head over heels over this puppy maknae, from her demure and sophisticated side to her happy and cheerful aegyo.


    Enter Kara's new maknae: Heo Youngji. Prepare to be enchanted by this young and sassy lady that has her eyes set on capturing your heart! She's super sweet
    and super adorable, but don't let her cute and bubbly exterior get the best of you, as she will ruin your bias list!


  3. Discussion


    15,537 posts

    Get your wallets, credit cards, and Kamilia spirits ready! Yes, KARA is releasing more goodies and (ideally) you gotta get 'em all! Keep up with and discuss about all the official KARA merchandises put out by DSP Media and Universal Music Japan.



    47,526 posts

    Let's gather round the campfire, roast some marshmallows, and start to converse about Kara. There's so much to talk about, topics and polls galore!


  4. Information


    56,232 posts

    So you shiver when you see the hieroglyphics that is Hangul. Fret not, our translators are here! They bring you fresh news straight from the press.



    15,916 posts

    Reach into the sweetbox to find an array of delightful treats. We're proud to provide you with fascinating Kara reads all translated in English.



    2,844 posts

    Sing along to the sweet melody of Kara's songs with our songbook, complete with lyrics, romanizations and translations.


  5. Multimedia


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    Get your audio fix here!


    28,160 posts

    PASSPORT TO ENTER: 25 POSTS. Download quality Kara music videos, performances, interviews and more!


    Sweet Melodix Mediabox

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    PASSPORT TO ENTER: 50 POSTS. Download subbed Kara videos, courtesy of our awesome subbing team.


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    • Chapter 6 has been updated and posted on wattpad. What changed? A few details here and there. AND a different ending. https://www.wattpad.com/323318196-always-smile-cafe-girlxgirl-romance-chapter-6/   I re-read Chapter 7 and I'm going to overhaul it. Too many flashbacks in one chapter! Why didn't I notice it before.
      I'm going to load that on Friday, so I need to get to writing! 
    • Jiyoung has two singles coming out on December 7th; the second of them is Koi o Shiteita Koto, which was announced last night via Twitter (and subsequently posted to her LINE account). It'll come in two editions: CD+DVD and CD-only, and will have a random photocard from five types. Unlike Fake, this song features a more cuter image, taking from her past single Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto. It's also meant as a Christmas single as well. Thread will be edited as more info is released. Purchase links:
      CD+DVD: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9255
      CD-only: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9257
    • Jiyoung has two singles coming out on December 7th; the first of them is Fake, which was announced back in September shortly after Sweet Charity ended. It'll come in two editions: CD+DVD and CD-only, and will have a random photocard from five types as well as a picture label on the CD+DVD version. The song Boogie Woogie is also included as one of the B-side tracks. Thread will be edited as more info is released. Purchase links:
      CD+DVD: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9231
      CD-only: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/SRCL-9233
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