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  1. Can't wait to have the actual audio tracks of this. Thank you so much!
  2. I'm really crossing my fingers that I'll be able to meet them or at least get a glimpse of them up close when I go to Korea next summer. I saw them at Korean Music Festival, but I wasn't as close as I wanted to be (even though that was an amazing life experience anyway!!), so I hope to see them again!
  3. Jiyoung and Nicole have the most youthful faces. Their faces aren't really thinned out, especially because they are young. Maknae's generally do have a baby-face, though, so I guess that might be why I associate them with baby-faced idols ㅋㅋ
  4. I'm not only a Kamilia. I have too much love for just one group! If I only stanned one group, I'd get sick of them. KARA is one of my favorites, though, tied up there with SHINee, Girls' Generation, f(x), and Wonder Girls. Right now, I am in a Kamilia period where I've only been stanning KARA. Depends who's promoting when too! There are times that it's easy to forget about a group when they're away from the market preparing for a new album, which is why it's nice to have a good number of groups that you like!
  5. I like the close-ups better, just because it does them so much justice. In the original version, there were no close ups! I was so upset, because their makeup for "STEP" promotions is very pretty, and I felt like I couldn't get more than a short glace. Although I do like the original for watching the dance, the close-up gives fans a better look at the stylists' amazing work!
  6. Either Gyuri or Hara. Because Gyuri has such a pretty face, bright colors and heavy jewelry don't take too much attention away. Hara, on the other hand, is just a perfect model since she is so doll-like. Her body proportions are good for modeling, too.
  7. "Rock U" was my least favorite single, just because... the beat wasn't as catchy as it could've been. Although I still like it, it's just definitely not my favorite compared to "Pretty Girl," "Honey," and their more current releases. As far as just any song, I just don't like "Burn." There's nothing wrong with it per say
  8. KARA won some rookie awards back with their first album, so I doubt they'd let that all go unnoticed. If they do have a concert, I have a feeling it'll be like how the Wonder Girls did things with Yubin and Hyelim. Though there are two new members instead of just one, Jiyoung could probably take Sunghee's stronger parts and Hara can take more of the melodies. I truly hope they don't just ignore their past as a four member group, since their first album was so... fresh! "Secret World" is still one of my very favorite songs, so I truly hope they won't avoid performing it or anything.
  9. Nicole is KARA's shikshin in my mind. She loves food, which might be the reason she had some of that cute baby fat on her cheeks way back when!
  10. Depends where you are! I feel like Goo Hara is the most popular in Korea, but here in America, a lot of people seem to like Nicole. Fair enough, since she is an American girl anyway. Seungyeon does seem to get a lot of credit for her voice in having a good amount of OST solo tracks, so maybe that says something about her popularity in Korea as well. It would also depend on age group too, I guess, since younger fans probably appreciate looks more than vocal talent... ...but all in all, I'd say that Goo Hara is the all around "most popular" member, just because she appeals to a lot of male fans both in Korea and Japan. Her doll-like features are so perfect~
  11. When I hear KARA's ballads, Sunghee always comes to mind. "She would've sounded really good on this track" tends to ring in my mind. I miss old KARA most when I watch old performances, just because First Blooming was such a fantastic album. But at the same time, I really love KARA now, and I'm not sure that Sunghee would be able to fit the cutesy concept as much as Hara and Jiyoung do. Both eras of KARA were great, but I think right now, I'm fine with how they are.
  12. I know they did an opening for Naruto Shippuden! Aside from that, though, I hope they do more OSTs! A lot of their OST tracks are my absolute favorites, so I hope they can do more that they're promoting in Korea and Japan. Since anime seems to be primarily in Japan, it'd be a huge accomplishment if they get to do a Japanese OST!
  13. Gyuri. I have absolutely no explanation, other than the fact that she is an absolute goddess. She definitely pulls this concept the very best, especially in the music video ♥
  14. I personally didn't like Gyuri's short hair in "Rock U" or "Lupin" (though "Rock U" was a little cuter), but I think Seungyeon and Nicole pull it off so nicely! Hara, on the other hand, might look a little odd, just because she's so doll-like, and without long hair, she'd definitely look different. Jiyoung would look quite cute, though! I hope she does do it one day~
  15. Either We Got Married or Hello Baby! I'd love to see KARA interact with children, but at the same time... I'd love to see any one of them acting like a wife! Both are such cute options. I wish they'd do more variety shows these days!