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  1. I was very concerned about how Youngji will perform because she had very little time practice all the choreography and lyrics - in Japanese! So glad to hear she did alright
  2. Album

    This one's currently my favourite KARA release.
  3. Single

    Holy crap! I had NO idea a Finnish guy wrote and produced this track! My mind is now officially blown. Uhhh.... But what I was originally going to comment is that I really dislike the bridge section where the melody goes twice up and down through the scales. It sounds very silly indeed. But I do like the chorus a lot, as well as the electronic sound of this song.
  4. Album

    To be brutally honest, I'm not really a fan of this album. Too many ballads and slow tracks, and the production is not electronic enough for my taste...
  5. Spazz

    Thank you for the translation, red4summer!
  6. Yes indeed, maknae grew into a gorgeous lady. *swoon*
  7. Oh, so they flew back to Korea for a few days. I hope they actually get to take a short vacation now.
  8. Nice to see YoungJi being less shy and expressing her opinions & thoughts more.
  9. Just a thought of shaking hands with a thousand people creeps me out
  10. Album

    Wow, those must have cost you a pretty penny!
  11. I'm happy for you viperion! ... Not to mention envious as all hell
  12. Clip

    Very nice MV, some great choreography, and the song's getting better every time I listen to it. This deserves to be a huge hit.
  13. I think she's progressed from "cute" to "absolutely stunning".
  14. Someone explain to me what this show is about, please. And is that one girl from Girls' Generation?
  15. Did not understand a word, but I sure love seeing Jing again!
  16. Performance

    Gotta love that one guy in the audience shouting at the top of his lungs
  17. "The two men seem extremely nostalgic about the 80′s brand of synth pop." O...M...G! When I first became a fan of KARA, it was because the songs had such strong 80's synth pop influence. I'm a HUGE fan of 80's synth pop so it's no wonder KARA struck a chord with me.
  18. (whoops, wrong thread, sorry!)
  19. That's a very nice photo of her; she looks very cute indeed!
  20. My favourite performances are ones where they actually sing live. Dancing to a complex choreography and singing at the same time is very difficult, and one can only imagine the endless hours they must have practiced for each and every live performance!
  21. I wish I could draw, but noooooo, I can't even draw a silhoutte of a cat from behind