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  1. Kinda glad- they included Forever Love for all versions.... I was thinking Forever Love would be only in the Type C.. Thanks for sharing... Ill be honest ill prob not get the album : (
  2. So I started watching this Drama, to my surprise im not sooo into Fantasy Themed dramas TT ^ TT. Even though it has Gyuri I cant seem to like how the show is heading.... I do want to finish this drama when there is nothing to watch.. and the boyish Gyuri is just tooooo funny at times
  3. i really hope they atleast make it to weekly once! Other than that congratulations KARA!!!
  4. Haha I love her sweater, Oregon!!! I know a certain kpop star who use to live there haha, anyways her outfit is on point love the white jeans! Hara Hara keep doing what youre doing girl
  5. I actually like the Girls title theme its kinda cute, anyways I cant wait to see Kara's version of Forever love!! If Rainbow can cover the song as well Kara can do it as well!!! Cant wait to hear the new songs! Check out some of other Kara's FIN.K.L cover
  6. Dolls, especially Youngjis dress- very courted! Thanks for sharing
  7. I think we found Karas new 5th member lol reminds me of French Kiss outfits
  8. Thanks for sharing- eh I dont read the Chinese text but this will do
  9. Thanks for the Radio rip! I wanna hear her voice ^__^
  10. I wonder what the 5 is suppose to mean in that t-shirt.. Hmm have fun at the fan meet Veperion! Wish I was in Japan then I would totally gooo
  11. Super large dimples... haha she looks real happy!! & yes I agree that should be our signature pose when we take pics with jing
  12. First Selfie with her Boyfriend Leon Awwww Congratz Jing! > <
  13. Plans for June already? I know being unconfirmed and all.... I wonder what Girl- titled album will this be... I think it will be called Best Girls looking at wikipedia...
  14. First off thanks for the translation! Thinking the same thing! Is she talking about her fan merch? Maybe her shop an online clothing store... remember Karaya?!
  15. Is she avoiding May cause of Kara in Japan? hmmm well at least we get something in May AND June..now that "Something Special" But using the arms? I can only imagine Lost choreography lel
  16. She is really maturing, her face or her cheek bones looks so pointy? Giant Baby Jing ~
  17. Same I do not want a Japanese version of Mama, at least make that a bonus track- But im pretty sure with here haitus she will make a new song... Good luck Nicole!
  18. I totally saw this Jewelry on the first episode for a style for you lol Thanks for sharing red
  19. Thanks for the share! Hara and Heechul are the life of this show imo... and to be really truthful Bora and Hani be boring.. still cant wait till KBS world releases the subs in about 3 days omo Hara having fun ^ ^ Bora & Hani
  20. Sooo since this is a triple single will they release 3 MVs? I can imagine Sunny Days or Sunshine Miracle can be some 180 degree music change lol
  21. Look at that mesh skirt so stylish on her, weird look but Hara in fact can pull it off : D
  22. The Awkward part were Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth nor cant smile either but heyyy atleast Jiyoung here is looks ole so happy in JApan