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  1. Hello! Wishing you a beautiful day! Happy birthday!

  2. all i can say is that Youngji fits in perfectly with Kara. the girls look amazing, gorgeous, elegant, just perfection! can't wait to see our lovely angels back onstage, just the perfect present for me!

  4. Kara ready to go all out! i'm also ready to go all out for our girls too! hopefully Youngji does well, which i know she well. KARA FIGHTING!!!
  5. so looking forward to this comeback! already know it's going to be amazing as always! KARA Fighting! Youngji Fighting!
  6. i guess this is my ranking for now, but it changes like almost everyday except my #1 bias 1) Nicole, loved her from the start & still do now. the cutest girl ever! 2) Seungyeon, probably the next cutest girl 3) Jiyoung, at times i almost can't help but pick her over my bias. maybe she's the cutest girl? i love seungyeon & jiyoung equally but since seungyeon is the unnie she gets #2 or is she the maknae LOL. 4) Hara, sorry that u are #4 but i still love u! 5) Goddess Gyuri, i still love u Goddess! u will always be my #1 Goddess♥
  7. a natural born goddess, even beautiful when sleeping can't deny her beauty, bare face Gyuri is just so pretty!!!
  8. she is a natural beauty & cutieee!!! maknae is so adorable, can't help but love her they definitely chose the right person to be on the cover
  9. i love the concept, they chose the perfect model Nicole is so beautiful! showing a bit of sexiness with her cute & bright image hopefully she gets more opportunities to appear in more photoshoots
  10. i'm pretty sure most of us would get zeroes too at least they gave us a big laugh, but their concentration was good though everyone needs lots of practice before they become good so they get a pass
  11. would still like to see the girls dominate Asia more, but advancing into Europe should be a good start to become more global can't wait to see what happens
  12. how pathetic, they act like this is such a huge violation & like they are all perfect they need to get a life, seriously
  13. new graphics uploaded:)