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  1. Spazz

    Man... Gyuleeeeee whyyyyy??? >.< I bet all of her fans are too cool to sign up for this mixi stuff *shot*
  2. Single

    Okay so maybe the sales were lower than expected but we have to remember that as idols still new to the market, it's no mean feat achieving the results that GOGO Summer achieved so far. ^^ It's a great song, and we know it. About the Hallyu wave... I'd rather see KARA getting relatively lower sales because of their own capabilities than uber high sales because of the wave. ^^ Considering that GOGO Summer is marketed as a Jpop song, I'm pretty satisfied with their sales, and I'm sure the girls are too ^^
  3. I can spazz about this song all day... it's no doubt the best KARA song recently imo. <3333 Not only is it super-pleasing to the ears, it inspires and encourages. KARA is definitely a great role model for girls! ^^
  4. Single

    Anyone liking "Girls' Be Ambitious"? It seriously needs more attention... I checked out the lyrics for the 1.15 Palty version and they're really, really cool! I lovelovelove the message it's trying to convey ^^
  5. Single

    My predictions are NEVER accurate but here goes >.<: First day: 70k First week: 150k
  6. Single

    Awesome song, cute and upbeat, perfect for summer! ^^ I foresee looping this a lot on my playlist. Anyway, here are tentative lyrics and translations. THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL, but they most probably will be, since they match with what the girls are singing ^^ Lyrics are taken from someone's tweet... I just clicked on a Sbox link and didn't take down the credits... sorry >.< Whoever he/she is, he/she has my thanks ^^
  7. Single

    Idk... I feel really, really happy for the girls. Not only are they finally coming back after 562834627834 years, and with an awesome concept to boot, but... the fact that they are doing a "Summer" themed song gives me the feeling that they are integrating extremely well into the Japanese market. That they are no longer "Korean pop idols doing Japanese songs" but Japanese pop singers in their own right, who rightfully deserve to be part of the Japanese music industry. Which is a good thing, in my opinion. ^^ Because if I'm not wrong, Japanese singers tend to release summer themed songs at least once in their career haha Cover C? haha I've always thought Cover As are the nicest (because they are pink >.<) but I know it's just me ^^
  8. lol you already got help ^^ anyway, hope that you got to know more about him ^^

  9. umm yeah, she's bianca haha. anyway, thanks for reading the article~

  10. My favorite song is definitely "Good Day" ^^ There's something about this song that makes me listen to it again and again. "Pretty Girl" is a close second; it's my very first KARA song and I like the message it conveys ^^
  11. Single

    I hope this single sells well, because if any single were to deserve say, a Platinum, it has to be JCL ^^ I think I might be exaggerating too much haha LET'S PREDICT THE SALES!!! I think 25k for the opening day, 70k for the first week ^^
  12. Single

    I love JCL sooo much!!! <333 It's going to be looped on my playlist again and again. The "Penguin Dance" is going to be a huge hit, I just know it!!! I can't wait for my copy to arrive! ^^
  13. Spazz

    I bet they want to reflect the signature dances of the clips in the DVD! How cool is that?? ^^ Hopefully, it sells well too~
  14. Congrats Sungja!! ^^ I was pretty surprised when I heard the news but it's all for the best! I wish her a happy life ahead~~ Maybe she'll invite KARA to her wedding? Then we can see a KARA6 reunion! ^^
  15. Spazz

    Preview of their song? Sounds cute... ^^ Source: 1, 2,
  16. Spazz

    ^ Apparently, there really is going to be a new single called 『ジェットコースターラ ブ』. In English, it's called "Jet Coaster Love", jet coaster being the Japanese equivalent of roller coaster. ^^ And now I'm really confused as well, because I thought that new single will be the URAKARA ost. It's released in March too. It seems that the ost will be the B-side or the bonus track in this album. >.< Or maybe they will release a separate URAKARA album containing all the songs in the drama? 2 albums released in the same month~
  17. DVD

    Episode 3 spoilers:
  18. Cute anime KARA in the snow ~ cr: wooz @ pixiv
  19. Album

    Yay~ Platinum! It seems like only yesterday when we're aiming for the Gold haha ^^ It's Double Platinum next! Hope URAKARA and other activites can boost their sales, and KARA can break yet another record! ^^
  20. DVD

    ^ Is Gyulee's "boyfriend" supposed to be handsome? Because I really think so at first glance... >.< Drama looks interesting so far ^^ Episode 2 summary/spoilers:
  21. Spazz

    ^ Welcome! ^^ Ah~ I'm not sure how this marketing strategy works. UMJ will release all KARA's Korean albums into the Japanese market, and they will also release a compilation of the PVs on the same day. Do fans usually buy the compilation to save the money for 7 Korean albums, or will they buy 7 Korean albums for more songs and all of the PVs? >.< They might buy all the albums + the compilation for collection's sake, but that will burn a huge hole in their wallet haha ^^
  22. DVD

    The official webpage updated its "STORY" segment with a summary of Episode 1 + two more pictures. Thanks neris for the tip ^^