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  1. the album released today rite?? hopefully they going great~~ another platinum!!! gonna get my copy soon~ nice review~ Im gonna give a listen to it~
  2. oh~~ no wonder~~ thats y some screencaps doesn't show up~
  3. smirk boyish cole~ I wonder what evil plan in her head??? totally~~ she the most cheerful n dorky member~ she know how to take care of her body~~
  4. chocolates lover~~~~ ahhh~~~ UNITE!!!! keke never notice this bfore~ glad she is chocoholic~ better than alcoholic~ oh my~~ Im gonna get my own chocolates mini fridge~~
  5. if she is paint yellow (like avatar Gyul) we got the exact real life tweety~~ lol at annoyed faces~ Love Tweety Cole~
  6. too bad... Im living the other side... it can b my most ultimate b'day present if I can go... ahahaha
  7. WOAH~~~ cnnot wait for full PV~~ they giving sexy n pure concept~~ thx for sharing~~ ^^
  8. Merry Xmas~ Happy New Year ~ n Happy Lunar New Year~~!!

    sorry~ long time not here...

  9. wow~ long time not here~! whazup!!!

  10. Merry Christmas~♥

  11. they just daebak~!!! Wishing the best for them everyday~~! They really deseved it~~ When they gonna go World debut??? The already had Intergalactic debut on UraKARA~~
  12. omo~~ Kiddy Gyul~~! She so adorable~ cute cute cute~ so her Hard Disk is her Pandora Box~ wow I guess, Im the same~
  13. kekeke~~ Hara really can't overcome her fooling around habits~~ She called Lee Minho ahjussi from BoF??~~ kekeke DAEBAK~~! DAEBAK~~! :thumbup: Really can't wait for this episode~~
  14. Hiya~ Keep it up getting used to KH~~ kekeke