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Status Updates posted by ukiyagk

  1. If she really said what she meant, then, knowing her determination personality, i've got nothing to worry about

  2. hello, thanks for adding me :)

    1. haro


      LOL i should thank you for accepting me ^^

  3. Hello Kamilia MAlaysia :) keep in touch k

    1. eyda_jiyoung96


      ahhh,welcome.hopely ^^

  4. btw, Thanks for saying good things about MySweetKara :D

  5. eh? how u know i dun hv any bias in Kara? this is weird. r u...stalking me????lolol! perasan >.<

  6. u must be Seungyeon bias.rite??

    i found a great tumblr

  7. owh, yeah i went to mtvws..and also Kara's arrival n departures ..huhu.. sweetest moment ever :D u have bias in kara?

  8. from selangor..u? u when to mtvws?

  9. ah? for what that tq for O.o

  10. hey, where r u from

  11. happy Birthday! :D

  12. waaa~how did u find me?

  13. Raden, Happy Birthday! :D