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  1. Frankly Baby Jing is becoming more mature and hot lately, look at those red carpet photo,,,, That was very gorgeous and seductive!
  2. I wish I can be Ji Young and Krystal ,, classmate,, or even being their unimates satisfied me
  3. After watching Jiwoon WGM lately, Jiwoon mum seems to like Nicole,,, it will be ideal to match make NICOLE and Jiwoon !!!\ If she is secretly dating with Jiwoon currently,,, Jiwoon should not participate in WGM ,, hahah
  4. After watching Jiwoon WGM lately, Jiwoon mum seems to like Nicole,,, it will be ideal to match make NICOLE and Jiwoon !!!
  5. I really love the part where HAMMIE got caged in the LOCKER,,,, i wish she is in my locker lol ,hahaha
  6. Sunghee ,,,,,, She is a happy mother now.... the earliest member of KARA who tied the knot.... I can't imagine myself when the members tie the knot in the near future
  7. They do look quite alike ,, HARA looks more innocent lol
  8. Ironically HAMMIE is staring with Kim Tae Hee in the latest drama
  9. They are all dating really ,, high possibility
  10. KARA should be at least 3rd. the list is impair anyway.. when u r ranking (athletes, idol groups, actor, comedian) together = distorted rank .. simple as that. pledis is a small company hmm,, isn't that ironic?
  11. Dude let's be honest, Uee is in a drama lately, and was in so many CF, and she don't get rank... even shin Bora is on the list.... IU ??? Suzy fame is undeniable. however why don't they rank Suzy as an individual?? miss A top... I tell u those Black Jacks ( 2NE1) fans gonna bash this article.. no comment really,, hmmmm , If u r clever, all ranking is biased and opinionated, go work in a press for a month, dude, u will undestand, no such thing is fair,,,,, u must obey ur boss. Maybe it is legit for a Korean who is living in Korea, but from international perspective, i doubt this guys really rank like what they ranked now? the rank is impair. if not us, international fans,, i don't think K-wave will be successful. It is really pointless to rank people based on survey on Korean activities... BAP is not on the list .... dude After School is not famous?.. did u stay in ur delusional world for too long... sorry for being impolite,, this is getting on my nerve.... and I will.. I understand pledis artists are not in frequently in the Radar,,,, where is KAHI and Son Dam Bi ,, they are famous,, all the artists bow to them... get ur facts right my dear
  12. Congratzs to KARA Lee Kwang Soo on the list hooray the one from running man not the CCM 1.. where is After School??? even miss A high popularity,,, damn I doubt so... impair statistic,, totally biased editor, nvm,, i don't bother about it anyway. it is a very opinionated ranking.... By the way Park Ji Sung is at Queen's Park Ranger not Manchester United anymore,,,,, QPR only won 2 out of 27 matches,, Ji Sung didnt play much these days, I pity him , but i still love him