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  1. I agree with you Except for Hara i think her smile is 'innocent' smile But my favorite smile is Nicole's smile of course
  2. I would describe them as 'CUTE' Other groups doesn't have 4 cute girls like Hara, Nicole, Jiyoung, SeungYeon in 1 group
  3. All of them? It would be confusing because their favorite places are different each other Nicole likes cooking at home than go out, Gyuri likes to go to the beach, Hara likes go to amusement park, etc..
  4. my first impression? she's so so beautiful but i thought she wasn't a nice person, but now i know she's nice person
  5. not yet, but i hope someday i could see them but what should i do when i met them
  6. Wanna, Mister, Jumping, Honey, but i played their other song too, along with other girl group's songs
  7. I want to see them collaborate with rock bands as they did on a Korean Music Award, but i can't remember what exactly is They sang Honey..
  8. LOL !! But it's normal, girls at her age must be curious about that Just because she is an idol doesn't mean she's different from other girls
  9. I don't know so much about her, but it's nice to know ex-KARA member profile She's cute, but i guess Hara & Jiyoung are awesome too
  10. I'm still watching this show (again), because i miss it so much This show leave a deep impression in my heart, especially Hara with her immature jokes and Hyuna who just can't stop whining
  11. I knew about this episode when i was watching Happy Together w/ KARA & 2AM, there was some replay from this episode Too bad i can't watch this episode T_T
  12. When her hair was long, she's cute When her hair cut is short, she looks sexy
  13. She must be worked hard for it Salute for her, a real pro attitude
  14. wow, i never thought her hand so muscular But anyway, her body is the sexiest among KARA's members