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Status Updates posted by helloskies.

  1. Hehe thank you, dear :))

  2. Yup! I am helloskies at tumblr :D

    Thank you for the bday wish :))

  3. Yeah, I am helloskies on tumblr :D

  4. aww thanks so much dear <3

  5. aww, thanks for the birthday wish :D

  6. thank you so much <3

  7. Thanks for the screencaps :D

  8. LOL yeah you can be green haha XD

    Btw, you're Korean right?

  9. OMG *high five*, Junsu is also my fav. member XD I love all of them but yeah, I'm a little biased toward Junsu ;]]

  10. Me too ~ I mean they also got me into kpop ;]] Btw, who's your favorite member? XD

  11. LOL I really should call you byun XD

    My name means blue in English (or at least that's what I think ;]])

  12. LOL I feel so flattered XD

    Ohhhh, just notice that you also like DBSK ;]]

  13. LOL can I call you byun too? Hehe j/k

    LMAO thang has a different meaning in my language ;]] but I already have lots of nicknames so 1 more doesn't matter anyway XD

  14. LOL thanks hun ;]]

    I meant to change that a few time but too lazy to make a new one ;]]

    & nah, you make better graphics than me. You can't deny that XD

  15. There are like 2 or 3 more graphic designers but they're also mod/ super mod/ tech admin so their name isn't listed ;]]

    Hehe, what should I call you? XD

  16. Aww thanks dear <3

    & yeah, Heather's graphics are amazing XD

  17. uhm i see you're using my icons so could you please credit me? thanks so much <3

  18. LOL yeah, I made it just for fun XD

  19. LOL thanks ~ Ohhhh, you're a super mod now ;]]

  20. LOL I just changed my display name ;]

    I got a 2-week break from school so I'm really free now haha. How about u?

  21. Haha I just want to yell 'cause you're here LOL

  22. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh