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  1. Rest in Peace EunB and RiSe. And my deepest condolences to the family members, it must be so difficult to lose a child and especially at this time of year when it's a family holiday in South Korea. I hope Ashley, Zuny and Sojung get all the physical and mental help that they need. They all had such a bright future, it's hard to believe these two young lives are gone now.
  2. Young Ji fits in well with KARA I can't wait to see more interviews and Variety shows she participates in.
  3. I like the fact that this video is a bit different to the Korean one Thank you for posting the links. However when you are abbreviating Japan it should be JPN, the abbreviation in the title is a slur.
  4. Again KARA haven't disappointed me, it's one of their best songs IMO, can't wait for my copy of the album to arrive, especially now they have photocards
  5. Just about to order version A+B now, my poor bank account lol
  6. I just pre-ordered the DVD Can't wait to have it (and the DVD is more within my price range lol)
  7. :/ and they are actually selling well, I wish I had that much money to throw around lol it's over £230 to get both, it's tempting with the photobooks (and obviously for a complete KARA collection) but with a soshi comeback and KARA 2nd tour on DVD coming up this will have to join the list of KARA stuff I will never own along with KARA vacation 1 and the Japan Special Premium release lol.
  8. daaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg those price tags are killing me, this may be something that I can't add to my collection :/
  9. It was just an honest mistake and he took to his twitter to apologise, I think that's enough, no need to be angry over a simple error
  10. I think at this point we can only support whatever decision the members make, and just be happy with all the memories KARA has given us over the years. A break-up of an idol group is mostly inevitable, so it is just best to respect the members decisions and support them with whatever their future endeavors are
  11. Well google translate is telling me it's 55 jacket sized photocards, don't know how reliable that is though.
  12. CDJapan uploaded my request for all solo versions of French Kiss, here is the link if anyone else wants it
  13. I kind of get confused on Japanese shopping sites, so I may ask CDJapan to order the individual CDs for me, just to make it a bit easier and so I know that I will definitely get them, also I have loads of points to use and SNSDs Japanese album is out of print so I may as well use them here
  14. I love, love, love the covers for version A+B, but I'm losing so much money, this album, the single (all 7 versions ) and I have a feeling UMJ/DSP will really drain my bank account by releasing the 2nd Japan tour on DVD, so there goes any chance of me buying SNSDs new Japanese album lol. I might ask my sister to buy me version C of this album for Christmas, just to save me some money lol.
  15. Seriously DSP/UMJ , my bank account is still recovering from the release of Fantastic Girls and is having to brace itself for the expensive Pandora DVD. But I do understand, their contract with UMJ is coming to an end and this is probably the last we will see of KARA as five. I may ask my sister to buy me one of the CDs for my xmas as she is the only one willing to buy me Kpop stuff as presents lol.
  16. Honestly, although I'm really sad about this I was kind of expecting it tbh :/ You can't be an idol forever and I don't blame idols for wanting to have a more secure future for when their career inevitably ends, 3rd generation idols are beginning to get recognition and will be replacing the 2nd generation idols - just like what they did with 1st generation idols. Not everyone can be BOA, Shinhwa or TVXQ, you have to look out for yourself, and with Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara only agreeing to 2 more years it seems like they know this as well and probably want to give KARA a proper ending while at the same time establishing themselves in other areas of the industry (MCs, modelling, acting, musicals etc.) for when they disband. The Wonder Girls are basically over, KARA are having to think about their future, and SNSD will have to do the same soon too. There is nothing wrong with Nicole wanting to get more solo stuff, and if she feels like DSP can't provide that then she has every right to leave, but that does come at a risk of leaving KARA unfortunately, if you ran DSP would you agree with Nicole's demands? It would be hard to promote with one member in a different company, look at SS501, their agencies even agreed to put group activities first but because they are in separate companies they are finding it difficult to even meet up never mind perform as SS501.
  17. 1. I first got into KARA when Gyuri was on the same variety show and SS501. 2. I love all the members and like to support them all ofc, is it weird that I feel this way but Gyuri is my all time Kpop bias? I don't know if that makes sense lol 3. KARA is one of my all time favourite girl-groups, not just in Kpop terms 4. I actually quite like the fact Kamilias are quite quiet and just support KARA, I get kind of embarrassed when I see fandoms start fighting over silly stuff (although I do wish Kamilias would defend KARA a bit more when people are being way OTT with their hate). 5. I wish they would come to the UK, even if it was just part of a Kpop concert with other artists. 6. I love both their Japanese and Korean releases, they have honestly never disappointed me with any of their music and concepts. 7. Personally, they are the only girl group who I feel can effortlessly do a cute concept and a more mature/sexy concepts. When some other groups have done these I kind of cringe. 8. I also own nearly all of their releases Just have to get Type B+C of the Japanese edition of Kara collection and the Premium Japan box. And their Best clips 1&3 DVD The only group where I basically own all their releases
  18. I'm going to pre-order my copy soon but I'm just wondering, will Karaholic be doing a bulk buy for this album like what was done with the the 3rd album?
  19. I'm losing so much money lol, but I always love KARAs music. and I would participate in a KARAHOLIC bulk buy for this album
  20. @k0uki wow your collection is amazing I'm in awe. quick question, is the content in the special edition of revolution any good? I'm really wanting to get it, but I'm not too sure cause it is expensive :/
  21. I've just ordered ver. B+C from yesasia, I'm going to wait till next week and I'll buy ver. A from CDJapan
  22. I wasn't expecting them to release their new album so soon, gives me less time to save money especially since these albums (or at least version A) seem more expensive than usual, it's about the same price as snsd limited edition type a
  23. Just before I go on holiday as well :/ £128 for me to buy all versions if only PayPal let me have access to all my money. I'm afraid if I don't order it just now though ill miss out, what to do
  24. I ordered them off CDJapan as soon as I saw they were listed along with their Tokyo Dome concert I just got the first press type c just in time for it to be sold out I also love the CD covers, type C reminds me of the go go summer CD cover and type a and b remind me of winter magic