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  1. Wow this is too fast no? None the less, I can't wait to have a copy of this one. Hurray for KARA and Kamilias!
  2. I got this thing in my head that KARA will always be together as a group, but i know in reality that they may have to take their own separate ways someday. And to think that "that" time might actually be getting nearer than expected, it really scares me. But to be able to take part and follow the girls in their way to where they are now makes me feel very proud and happy (though I became a Kamilia a little later last 2011 only). I regret now knowing them right from the start when they debuted. But still the time I spent admiring and loving them were all a part of me now and I know that's how every Kamilia feels right? They've reached a long way, accomplished a lot of goals, achieved great amount of popularity, but for me, even without those things, they'll remain in my heart as the bubbly, enthusiastic, and very cute and adorable (not mention extremely gorgeous ladies as well) that I loved and will still love forever. I didn't like them for their fame or popularity, I love them for who they are and I'm so glad that they let us Kamilias into their lives as well. Now all I want to say is that "KARA, thank you so much, thank you for being KARA and I will love you guys forever!".
  3. Those two are really cute. I tried imagining them switching teams ang I giggled by myself hahaha!
  4. Wow! Great for KARA. Such big dreams and maybe a goal a little bit hard to achieve but I know with their hardwork and determination, KARA can accomplish any goal they have in mind. Keep it up guys and always remember that us Kamilias are behind you all the way. We will never fail to support and love you FOREVER
  5. I've been busy for too long. Way too long actually that I've missed much of KARA's activities for the past 6 months. It makes me sad but I not I'll try to give some more time to our girls again. I'm so happy and excited for this anime adaptation of KARA since I'm so into anime and manga myself. Can't wait to see them already!
  6. More and more releases from KARA before the end of the year. My savings can't take it anymore
  7. Awww Japanese releases are really expensive. Need to source out more money for this one! I've waited for this for too long
  8. I'm so out of date lately. Can't keep up with current Kara releases and activities. Need to step up again. KARA JJANG! Can't believe their new single and KARASIA Japan Tour DVD will be released at the same time. I'll be totally broke again!
  9. I'd like to see them do a "Maid Cafe" theme for the restaurant. That would be so cute. And I'm sure all those lucky Korean Kamilias will jump up and down due to extreme happiness. *so envious of them!!!
  10. I love them all but I'm a little bit of a yeoshin bias. Maybe because I have a weakness when it comes to Goddesses hahahaha
  11. LOVE. KARA=LOVE because I love them so much and Kamilias love them so much and KARA love all their fans too hahahaha
  12. Most of my friends are not into Kpop. Well I don't care, I just keep on showing them Kara vidoes and other Kpop girl group MVs as well. There's even a point where some got irritated but I just want them to see the group that I love so much. That's how much I'm proud of KARA. Everytime there's a new video of KARA I keep on showing it to them eventhough I know that they're not that interested. I just feel like I want to share my love for KARA to everybody I know.
  13. this is a tough one. Can't really made up my mind. In the end I chose STEP since I reeally loved that song and that's their first comeback song since I became a fan
  14. currently replaying Pandora since I got home from work. Definitely addictive. :thumbup:
  15. I've been waiting for this on YesAsia since the other day but it's still not available It's been a while since KARA's last album and I wouldn't think twice on splurging all my fortune just the get a hold of their new mini album