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  1. She's sooooo cute.!!!! I wish I could see more of her though. Spazzing out about her on the internet is just not enough anymore, right? I mean, CONCERT IN US! I hope.
  2. *dies* Ooh MAH GOODNESS GURL! She's soooooo cute! I just wanna squish her cheeks!!! I'm really a sucker for them cute girls! Beautifully cute girls!
  3. To me, this is a definitely bold move in Korea, but she should be commended for her action. Personally, I respect her a lot more in this Sel cam
  4. Haha Yu Jaesuk's reaction, and Hara getting hit. It's funny cuz i do that everyday during PE!
  5. I love that hair flip! It completes me.! She's so cute... I want that long hair
  6. Too look at it in both perspectives, I find her both cute and sexy in respective order of clothing style
  7. Lol at the huge pot! It's funny to think that all these Idols live the same life as us fans sometimes!
  8. Omg! this is awesome, I really wanted to have a photo gallery of Gyuri! Thanks so much!!!
  9. I'm sooo exited for this one! I love all of the new cast, especially Boom!!!
  10. Goo Hara, you are a piece of art. Producing other pieces of art. And you're hilarious. ;D
  11. Definitely MinHo!!! He is the Charisma of SHINee as a whole! Haha, i love both of them!
  12. I am not going to lie. I like Jessica better. Im SORRY! But she was my first love of Kpop. But I cant leave out gyuri either! She looks good as well, but overall, Jessica wins for me.
  13. Wow! She looks great! I wish I had that kind of non makeup face. Then again, i am a guy...
  14. Omg the one in the Hanbok!!! <33333333333 She look's great in all of her photos!
  15. I'm thinking of using this on all of my forums that im on. Yes, even THAT one.