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  1. Original Kara most played song is If U wanna. New Kara most played song is would be the plastic version of what's this.
  2. I first thought Sunghee because of the voice. But then Gyuri because well, she is a goddess, the main goddess of Kara.
  3. If U wanna sucked me into Kara so of course im an original fan. Too bad other fans didn't get to meet Sunghee, she was hilarious. Now we have Hara and Jiyoung for laughs so its all good.
  4. At my school there is a little girl who looks exactly like Hara, and when i asked her, "do you listen to kpop?" she said "yes", i told her "Do you know of Kara?" She said "yeah", when i told her that she looks like Hara she told me "Oh my god, no i dont, why do people keep saying that D:<"
  5. I would prefer whole group activities like KARA bakery, but i still enjoy them on variety shows and such.
  6. I love the Honey dance, but i think the hand movements in Wanna are much better. I don't really like the butt dance :S I mean, i love the song and all, but the butt dance is too hard for me, so i automatically disliked it.
  7. If U Wanna made me love their voices. And just a lot of youtube videos of them talking, being funny. Kara bakery made me fall in love with them super hard.
  8. Im a diehard Kamilia. My bias is Kara, not essentially their music, because there are a few songs i can't stand, like pretty girl, but everything else. Gyuris rapping, Nicole on Heroes, Jiyoung on IY2, Hara on IY. And lets not forget KARA Bakery, I fell in love with them even more because of that show. So, i think KARA is my bias because there personalities. But anyway, right behind KARA is T-ARA, because i love all T-aras music, and i think they are each hilarious on variety shows. I don't know why KARA is in my heart more than T-ara, probably because they were there first.
  9. Sunghees voice lured me in, and then naturally the internet lead me to more videos and then i just fell in love with them all.
  10. Most of my friends think KARA is annoying. Usually because the only song they have heard is Pretty Girl and Honey. I really liked Honey, but i must say Pretty Girl just isn't my song. But yeah, most of KARAS songs aren't there type, instead of Mr., It seems many of my friends started to like KARA during Mr. promotions. But they especially think Hara is annoying. When i asked why they told me because of her character on City Hunter was terrible and they hated her, so everytime they see hara they think of city hunter and automatically she annoys them. I can't blame them though, everytime i see Uee in a music video im always reminded of the terrible things she did in You're beautiful.
  11. Hi im new here I remember the original KARA, they introduced me to KPOP with If U Wanna. And for a group who lost there Main vocalist, Sunghee, KARA turned out amazing. And comparing them to Fin.K.L is a massive honour, weirdly Sunghee was supposed to be the next Hyori. Well Sunghee is married now and hopefully she is happy with the life she has. Another way to look at her sad leaving is that if she didn't, we probably wouldn't have Jiyoung and Hara, so yeah, fate works itself out