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  1. yeah both their new songs are great!

  2. i love new song deabak speed up

  3. Some of these dreams some of you people have had cracked me up. I had one where I walked into my form room, and all of the people on my table where sleeping with their heads down. I walked over and thought it was strange, but I joined them. Then I started listening to 'Go Go Summer' on my iPod then the one on the left poked me and said 'That's a good song!'. I looked up and to my surprise it was Nicole! I then looked around and all the other Kara members were disguised as my friends on my table. I copllapsed with exctitement, then I woke up! Wish I had more time to speak to time haha!
  4. They do all always look so great. But Nicole's body is definately the most toned and in my opinion makes it the best for sure. And just under 50% of people also agree
  5. I had this a couple of times, but not on the extreme emotional level like some of you. It was more like I was just feeling down for some reason, then I listen to something like 'Go Go Summer' and it instantly cheers me up as the song is just so happy.
  6. i'm only 16 so young compared to everyone else. but my birthday is the day before hara's
  7. I had to pick Seungyeon. Her eyes just make her look so cute! Though the rest of the members do also have wonderful eyes
  8. All my friends know I'm obsessed with asian things, being really into games and anime. But now I'm surprised if my friends don't know about Kara as I just can't stop talking about them!
  9. I'm quite a new fan, so I saw 'Step' on YouTube due to it being such a popular video. And from just that video, I fell in looooooooove<3
  10. Oh, definately Mister and Jumping. But it's probably because the Japanese and Korean versions are both in the playlist on my iPod!
  11. Hmm, now it's probably the dance to Step, as because it's so complex it looks much better than some of the other basic ones.
  12. Oh now this is a hard decision. Maybe one of their more upbeat songs for a shounen anime? Like Jet Coaster Love could definately work as an opening theme. But realistically it'd probably be something much more shoujo ED like Ima Okuritai Arigatou. I hope their popularity in Japan increases enough for them to have some anime openings! Hwaiting!<3
  13. woooooooooah all this information is amazing!!! thanks for doing all this
  14. good to see everything in once place for once thanks for organizing everything!