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  1. for some reason, see Jiyoung laughing in the picture above, I also want to laugh ... , jahahaha, cuuteeeee
  2. confused or scared, maybe he was confused and be scared, but still cute, she's the cutest
  3. "Good Day", when listening to this song I always hoped I would be a good day,,XD again this sounds pretty sweet, I also like "Do not Be Shy",,, the second song I listen to most often
  4. I like all members, in fact I can not choose this,,, but I think Nicole was first caught my attention when I first saw kara >_<
  5. TWEETYY.... It sounds so sweet .. , and it seems very appropriate. so much fun when we say sweeety.our mouths will always smile when saying that tweeeeetyy
  6. must have been very happy to meet directly with Nicol .., ah, I also want a Nicole signature. definitely Nicole looks more beautiful when you meet directly with Nicole, XD
  7. Good Day, when I heard it's very sweet, XD XD english line ..., Break It
  8. i don't know about Hara, but now Jiyoung very very cute with short hair . XD XD
  9. the first time I made a twitter acc, I asked a friend about KARA, and finally I found this place. That no more than 10 minutes, kamilia more than we ever thought ;D
  10. sexiest Nicole, Jiyoung cutiest ,woman with short, hair is cute., XD prettiest course Gyuri ...
  11. I first saw KARA. Nicole. Now, Jiyoung because she is very cute with short hair, does not mean I don't like the other members, ._. I like all member, especially Nicole For some reason I really like the woman like Nicole....
  12. KARA The first time I knew, they had five, so I don't know about Sunghee,._.v But, when I heard the songs of the first KARA, I think there are differences with the present .., i very love 'Don't Be Shy'
  13. no one can beat Seung yeon ..., Jiyoung's cute, but .... It's a difficult choice XD jhahahaha ok.., Seungyeon is baby face ._.
  14. until now I always think of them as my sister But I want to marry a woman who is good at cooking and also spoiled. Perhaps the combination of Nicole and Jiyoung ._.v
  15. F U N because after listening to their music, always happy. It's Fun