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  1. If they are doing their own voices I'll look forward to it.
  2. I want to see a performance of Umbrella the most...have they even performed it any time in the past two years?
  3. I have given the album a lot of chances to sink in because i really wanted to like it but its not happening. I don't think its the economy, I just think the product isn't as good this time around. I find it really hard to believe the person in charge of procuring music for Super Girl is the same person or group of people who did it for this album. That is how different it sounds to me.
  4. Is there anything different about the Jet Coaster Love on this album? Its one of my favorite songs but its weird that it was already its own single and on the last Japanese album....
  5. I didn't vote, I think they should be active in every country they can reasonably expect success in and have the time to do. Pop music is cruel compared to other kinds of music because your time as a star is most likely limited. If you are not going to be around forever you should just do your best everywhere with the time you have. edit - and plus, for someone like me who is neither Korean or Japanese, it doesn't really matter to me what language the music is in, plus I am one of the few people who like their Japanese releases more
  6. Thanks for this. Gyuri is so hot in the arm wrestling part her face is so crazy.
  7. I'd would say Jet Coaster Love, the production is really good for a pop song, I can even listen to the instrumental.
  8. Some dude named dragonex4500 is putting up audio of the album on youtube right now.
  9. According to Soshified and other kpop news sites: "Tickets for the concert will go on sale on Wednesday, July 18th, at 10 AM PST. Tickets can be purchased through the Home Depot Center box office, online at, or by calling AXS over the phone at 888-9AXS-TIX. Organizers for the concert have also opened an official Facebook page for the event, which shows several video messages from the artists inviting fans to the concert." I am only considering going because of Kara, so if something is organized here at a reasonable price that is the only condition under which I would go, but here is the ticket info in case anyone missed it.
  10. I think Jessica's singing voice is more far as looks I don't think I could pick between them. Overall though, everything combined, I like Gyuri more.
  11. I liked her in Rock U. She has a strong alpha vibe naturally and that is the only concept where that was disarmed.
  12. i think my favorite choreography from them is umbrella, i like a ton of individual moves from it, like the part where jiyoung gets ignored and of course the tummy rub
  13. WOw...a lot more spendy than I thought...I think Hara and Jiyoung's choices are a lot more reasonable...
  14. This is a very weird yet good question....I voted Seungyeon even though she was never my bias. I feel like I would get into a lot of fights with Gyuri. Nicole is probably too social for me to be with. Jiyoung is too young. Hara is nice but doesn't interest me enough. Seungyeon though, I could see getting along for the long term.