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  1. They're all beautiful and photogenic, but the most photogenic is either Hara or Gyuri. Nearly all of their photos turn out flawless - not many derps, awkward positioning, etc. So while they all are extremely photogenic, those 2 are the most consistent.
  2. Youngji is so beautiful! She needs more photoshoots, she's such a good model!
  3. She was so bright and hardworking. I can't understand why some people have been bashing her for this...depression is a very real illness, and her situation didn't help matters at all. She deserved better than what she got. I think she would've been a great idol. Rest in peace, Sojin.
  4. Since Youngji's not on this poll: 1. Youngji/Hara 3. Jiyoung (might be tied for 1 as well lol) 4. Gyuri 5. Seungyeon 6. Nicole
  5. Hard to say, imo. They all have lovely bodies in their own rights. Hara is petite and her waist is slim, Nicole's athletic, Jiyoung and Youngji have really nice proportions, Gyuri is just a complete goddess, and Seungyeon's is nice. They're all utterly gorgeous.
  6. Love her! At first I wasn't very happy about her joining, since I missed (and still do) Nicole and Jiyoung so much, and because it seemed like there were other members of baby KARA who were better suited, but now I think she's wonderful! I understand why she was chosen, and definitely think she was the best option for a new KARA member. She's funny, sweet, adorable and I couldn't be happier with her being a member!
  7. Youngji looks absolutely wonderful in these teasers. I'd underestimated her previously, but she looks mature and beautiful here. I think she'll do very well with this concept!
  8. I think she looked really cute in Mister and Step, but Pandora would have to be my favourite. Her hair was FLAWLESS. I also like her in Speed Up, the pink jacket was perfect.
  9. I adore her hair colour! It looks adorable on her, especially with the outfits and overall concept of French Kiss. Beautiful as always.
  10. She looks gorgeous, as always. Her figure is lovely. I saw some posts saying she'd been fat...she wasn't. While she is curvy, she isn't fat in the slightest, so. And anyway, it's healthier for her to be naturally beautiful and curvy than to loose weight and be unhealthy and less happy. She's perfectly fine as is.
  11. She's forever a goddess, I don't think that title will be dropped. She's probably the only idol who can pull it off perfectly too.
  12. Hara. Not being biased, she has the doll-like image which is perfect for photos. Other than her, Gyuri, probably.
  13. G Gyuri's new selca. Also...waddup with her outfit here