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  1. Wow.. I never noticed that. hahaha.. They really look alike.
  2. AmaJing is great, very creative. I even used it as my user name. haha.
  3. I think i like her because she is cute without even trying to be cute. And of course she is very funny in reality show, so watching her could make my day more colorful.
  4. Why do you post this pic ?! Now, i cant sleep too. Nobody is even gonna try to resist when they see this beautiful, adorable picture of Jiyoung.
  5. Your welcome. :) It always nice to be friend with fellow jiyoung fans. hehe..

  6. keke ^_^ I like Jiyoung too, as you can see. lol :) thanks for adding me as a friend!

  7. hahahaha.. Its great to see jiyoung has so many friends. they even perform at music bank end of the year special i think. Jiyoung, Sulli, Krystal, Suzy, and Sohyun.
  8. She's really cute in those pictures, and she looks the same especially in the right picture. Jiyoung !!!
  9. Hmm.. My First Impression of her is...... She is cute, tall, beautiful, lively and she has a lovely voice.. When is see her smile and laugh. WOW, i'm speechless... She is capable of doing aegyo without even trying. Kang Jiyoung is daebak !!
  10. wow, I love your signature all Jiyoung ^_^ haha

    1. GG.Amajing


      hahaha... thank you !! :))

      I'm really like Jiyoung you know ! :D

  11. Hmmm.. It would be great. KARA sings SNSD song, and SNSD sings KARA song. KARA singing Gee would be great, but the whole formation need to be change though, because SNSD has a lot of member. Besides that, it would be awesome.
  12. LOL ! I get it, The "Beast" in this is not the Boys Group, but its a creature, a monster. hahahahahaha.... Sadly, i never have a dream about KARA, only SNSD so far.
  13. Sexiest... Goo Hara. Cutest... Definitely Jiyoung, because she is really really adorable. Prettiest... i choose Jiyoung again. because.. i don't know, i think she looks adorably pretty.
  14. Invincible Youth 1.. So, Goo hara is the Ambassador to the Kamilia land for me . hehehe.. and after that, i watched Step MV and voila ! i become a kamilia.