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  1. this is first time i see her kid face...really really the same!! beauty!!
  2. back then she really really dork....but know she comeback with more mature and elegance...
  3. oooooo....i.....never made to watch it... any link?
  4. i like her....she very cute..sweet...and i like her laughing...very unique///
  5. is this a variety show?? what is the title?? where can i find and download it?
  6. is that her mother cafe?? she really good making cofee..even JYP acknowledge her//
  7. mmm..well eventhough she not pretty like Hara but she the cutest among all!!! I like watching her in 'ROOMATE"!!
  8. yes..she is the goodess..haha... natural beauty..with or without make-up..she always look beautiful..
  9. haha..of cause its Gyuri..whatever she wear..she will always look beautiful..all clothes,dress or anything are made for her..
  10. i'm almost dying seeing that...look sexy..she almost have a 6 packs..well that will make her even more sexier..
  11. whatever the concept..she can do it..why?? because she is the goodess...anything make her look wonderful..
  12. whatever she do or say..she always will look like a goodess..her confident is extremely amazing...nobody can defeat her..