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  1. Happy Birthday, if it is your birthday. :rolleyes:

    1. Emperor Ryu

      Emperor Ryu

      No, it's not, but thanks anyways.  :jogging:

  2. hopefully, you can make it to the Reunion KARA meetup in Tokyo

    1. HitsuKid


      Definitely impossible. I am fighting on my career path right now.

      As you might know, Singapore, a country that never rest.

  3. ok ... in the SB too (I don't think it's a shoutbox anymore, it's a chatbox now)

    1. HitsuKid


      That's......a pity. Sorry for not shouting my share for months(or a year more likely). I dunno how to use the shoutbox anymore.

  4. Sheesh. Pengu's lover. Lol.

  5. The Satsui no Hado, i have mastered it. And i have came back, to find that you are gone.

  6. Good evening Master Oolong, i have come to offer my visit.

  7. Keep it simple, the Tuna war, my Jing reign, and all the time in shoutbox. Even managed to learn a few from fellow Kamilia. akuNinja, AppleJajing, Bboywing, Deaththekid, edr, Eljunra, hanuel, ilovekaramorethanthebeatles, Jappy, JinJing, LLL168, Mark rafael, NARKARA, Palaverist, Pengu & TOH JING HEN, Ronald222, Yongery, Whispering Angel, all the tunas, all the mods... Yep. Those are the important ones matter to mention. And JiYoung is still mine.
  8. TWICE : ChaeYoung Tzuyu

  9. Happy Bday! (belated) haha.. I thought you were someone else.. haha..

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. JinJing


      haha.. ok ok.. may we know the origin soon.. haha..

    3. JinJing


      yeah.. well.. that time was a high time for KARA.. after the break up.. many of us went away.. (including me) kindi miss the Old SB people.. haha..

    4. HitsuKid


      Exactly, but i am still here. Just in the shadows. :)

  10. I wont say i am a game programmer, but more of a game editor. I grab other works and complie them, but i do know some of the program codes to edit what i want, and also learning more to become a pro-editor.

  11. when do we get to play your game???

    1. HitsuKid


      Honestly, it's gonna took a long time.

      Maybe we should chat here. Haha. I dont like the current shoutbox now. :X

    2. ilovekaramorethanthebeatles


      Why??? What's wrong with the SB???

    3. HitsuKid


      Not much people chatting, tweets everywhere, and just...not as fun as the usual batch we had.