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  1. R&b style. ^^ I just wish she will make announce her comeback soon.
  2. Cannot wait to see Young Ji, so far she is so adorable whenever she appears on Variety Show with Kara members. Hopefully they will invite Kara over for certain episodes. ^^
  3. Young Ji like the three unnies mentioned, is very polite. Glad she made it into the group.
  4. that was just too short. Like too short. WHY~! Kim Kyu Tae, I expected more for Hara GOO!
  5. I was watching this drama when it just begun but I stopped halfway, I am a psychology major student but I didn't find the story line attractive. Well at least, I have a reason to watch the ending. So happy, Hara please make another drama appearance, the director is Secret Love's director guys. ^^
  6. OK, I still remember, when I visit The Mines Speedy last half year ago, I saw KARA Korean albums : "The First Bloooming", "Rock U", "Pretty Girl", "Revolution" , "Lupin", "Jumping", "Step" and "Pandora".

  7. Kara is why I'm still into Kpop

  8. Hello Lukas ^^ I saw your post at shoutbox. Sorry I'm not very active there. I get distracted so easily. So I just I come and go~~ And yes the very first episode of running man aired early 2010. I think Hara should have been a regular on Running Man, she is very competitive and she could be another MVP of the show. But unfortunately due to busy schedules in Japan, she can barely appear on the show. Nicole on the other hand never once made an appearance on the show. I think it was due to l...

    1. lukas_95


      Yeah, it's so interesting if Hara occasionally on running man... Lately I'm not watching running man, because I'm a bit busy, but will catch up all the episode sometimes,

      Dunno why nicole won't appear there, maybe because she's phobia in variety show? She's so quiet on tv from 2011-...

  9. You live nearby Seri Kembangan, I used to live there. In front of the fire station, really close to the Mines. But now I've moved to Bandar Bukit Mahkota, still in Selangor. No worries, I can easily get to the Mines, I'll try to have a look at it. I never knew you can get Kara's albums at Speedy, maybe next time when I go to music or DVD store I should look through the store more thoroughly. Rock Corner, there's one in KLCC right? I think I've been there once 3/4 years ago...

    1. Mockingjay


      I found only Go Go Summer DVD back then but it cost nearly RM100 if I'm not mistaken.

      I'll try to pay a visit there next time when I'm free. New semester is starting soon...really can't be bothered. Lols. Thank you so much for the tips you've given. You are the best!

    2. Mockingjay


      Before this I always thought it's hard to find Kara's DVD at the local store in Malaysia. I've been living under a cave (which makes sense, I don't go out often)

  10. I've been wondering where you were since you weren't here spazzing yesterday. XP