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  1. Got into K-pop in 2011. I know about SS501, Wonder Girls (nobody), SNSD and then T-ARA. But i didnt really liked them THAT much. Until I chanced upon DJMax Technika 3, an arcade rhythm game, it has Lupin, STEP, Mr., Pretty Girl and Jumping. And then i was like "this is it" and i became a fan of them. Their Pandora comeback was my first one since liking them GYURI *-*
  2. Hopes: KARA STEP full rock version. the one performed in 2014 Seung Yeon's / Gyuri's solo debut? Korean full length album :3 Fears: Disbandment Fifth member Prediction: Mini albums only No disbandment
  3. I am coming, if its just a meetup, because im socially awkward X) still a student so i hope i won't get overwhelmed? im from Singapore. i hope they will renew their contracts ^^
  4. Hi fellow Kamilias! I was wondering, could anyone update KARA's record sold in this website . On the website it stated that KARA only sold 14 million records which i think is totally unbelievable, i think it should have been more. Bye! :B
  5. Welcome to Karaholic, Littlemonzxta :)